My annulment


I just found out today my annulment went through!! I am now officially free to remarry in the Church. Just need to find a good, Catholic man :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Good hunting, too!


If you can’t find one, make one! Get yourself a good guy and bring him into the Church!:smiley:


For your search…

The Creed Our Father
Hail Mary Hail Mary Hail Mary
Glory Be…


I am happy for you to be able to marry in the Catholic Church when the time comes.

God Bless you!



May I ask what you planned to do if it had not been returned in your favor?


Why would you even ask this?


because I am in the middle of the same process and probably won’t get an answer for another year. I am looking at options. since I am a convert of 8 years I haven’t heard stories of what people do if it doesn’t come back in their favor. it is a legitimate question.


I am happy to hear you are free to marry again in the Catholic Church. May God bless you with a man to marry again and that you may live in a Christ Centered, Catholic centered,

God bless,


It’s a legit question in my book and if you are struggling with this process and would like to know my answer to this question from my perspective feel free to PM me.



I did :smiley:
He was a Christian who loved God with all his heart, soul and mind. He converted and actually brought me back to the church.


I wonder if the answer is not in your favor, could you appeal the decision?


Yes I heard you can, but how much longer would that take and then you might be charged for the appeal. I am trying not to worry about it and just try to take care of
other matters that are pressing right now. I would not want to go through another process I don’t think.


I got an annulment, but if it wasn’t granted I would have accepted, and never dated or married again. It is far better to obey God in this like in other things.


you are stronger than I am. I have already been alone 33 years. Almost 9 of those years as a Catholic. I have not dated all these years. But I have been a Mother and Grandmother and kept busy. It is really lonely as a grandmother though and with adult son and daughter-in-law.
Lots of stress.


Sorry – it’s just that I’ve seen that question posed in an accusatory fashion. And I know I received a lot of grief when I was going through the process.

The options are: appeal (this can take quite a while), or accept the decision of the tribunal. Without an declaration of nullity, there is no possibility of marrying within the Catholic Church.

Did your procurator/advocate give you an idea of the strength of your case? Often, they have a pretty good idea, based on experience, of the likely decision.


How you doin’? :wink:


no they didn’t but if they don’t declare my marriage was invalid there is something wrong. it shouldn’t have even taken as long as it has.


How long has the case been completed? When were all the witness statements in?


I started last February of 2016 and witness statements were in by December.

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