My answer to Chinese aspirations of hegemony


Change the Japanese constitution and let the flag of the Rising Sun wave again.


…and scare the **** out of every country in Asia that was brutally occupied by the Japanese before and during World War II.




Oh. Ok, I get your point.:smiley:


Japanese soldiers once beheaded CHinese soldiers and used the heads to make a bridge to cross a river where they had burned the bridge.

In case you haven’t guessed, that’s a horrible idea.


I lived in Singapore during the 50th anniversary of the end of WWII. The Straits Times (the English language newspaper) printed excerpts from the mainland China papers about the war in China.

The Japanese were every bit as brutal as the Nazis – many of the accounts of what they did were truly stomach-turning.

One might as well propose solving the problems of the Middle East by turning it over to the Nazis.


People in the west either forget, or are never taught (at least in school) about the atrocities the Japanese committed in places like China, because those places are not the west. What I know if it was learned independently, and I couldn’t delve into the deepest parts of it; I can stomach a lot, and even for me it was just too sickening. Certainyl the two nations had long-running reasons to hate each other, but like a lot of things in history between rival nations, WW2 Japan crossed the line by a few miles.

Another thing we forget is everything the Russians did that was swept under the rug because we were allied with them…but that’s a subject for some other thread.


Some of the “local” stories about WWII concerned the treatment of British and Australian prisoners captured at Singapore. A Japanese resident wrote a letter of protest, saying he had been forced to labor as a prisoner after the Japanese surrendered Singapore – and sent a picture to prove it.

The Straits Times published his letter and his picture – showing some healthy, well-fed yourng men, stripped to the waist, smiling at the camera, taken near Changi Airport.

Next to it, they published a picture of starving, beaten, emaciated Australian prisoners in a Japanese camp.

There was no comment – and none needed.


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