My Apologetic Lectures Now Available in MP3


By: Jay Dyer

Have you enjoyed the content from Nicenetruth? So far, whether it was political commentary, theological debate, the occult or new world order and conspiracy information, everything has been offered to nicenetruth readers, free of charge. As the webmaster for Nicenetruth, I intend to continue to offer these valuable articles and resources free, but also desire to branch out. With several years of experience in debate and defense of the Faith, I want to give the hundreds of Nicenetruth subscribers and readers the ability to support this ministry. Rather than simply ask for donations to keep Nicenetruth running, I want to offer readers the ability to learn to defend the Christian Faith, and particularly Catholicism, against all attacks.

If you are a student of theology and church history, you know first hand the degree of time and effort that goes into learning the Faith and defending it. Even non-Catholics will gain a better grasp of apologetic approaches for non-Christians will obtaining a robust knowledge of Catholicism. Note also that this is not a rogue project: the content of these talks will be in full accord with the local diocesan hierarchy. In this first series of talks (approx. 1 to 1/2 hrs. each), I will be giving an overview of the follwing subjects:

  1. Apologetic Introduction & Methodology

  2. Philosophy 101

  3. The Formation of the Biblical Canon

  4. Christian Theism and its Opponents

  5. Catholic Theological Basics: The Creed and Dogmas

  6. Biblical Theology Basics

  7. The Church Fathers, The Councils and Apostolic Tradition

  8. Medieval and Eastern Theology

  9. Advanced Apologetics 101: Thomism & Nature/Grace

  10. Advanced Apologetics 102: The Catholic Response to Protestants and Eastern Orthodox

-All ten+ hours of apologetic course material are available in CD-ROM/MP3 format for only $20.00, plus $5.00 shipping and handling for inside the US. Outside the US, add $12.00. Allow two weeks for shipping. Make check or money order out to “Jay Dyer.”

Send Check or Money Order to:

Jay Dyer

900 Tyson Ave.

Paris, TN 38242

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