My apologies to Orthodoxs & Protestants...

I just want to apologize to all Orthodoxs and Protestants,if I have ever offended you or your respective faiths in any manner. It is not my goal or intent to put-down anyone’s faith or tradition you follow. I know at times I may be a bit “hard” but I really mean no harm or malice. I know we all cannot agree on everything. So that being said…I apologize,God Bless

Hard to offend people on a debate board, especially a religious one. Hang in there

You haven’t offended me!

I know,but at times I feel a bit guilty…:ouch:

Good to know. :tiphat:

I’ve managed to offend a few people myself, and have a few fans and quite a few more detractors. I aspire to the stations of Plato, Aristotle, and George Carlin, to “tell it like it is”, and not butter-coat it.

Me too, sometimes I think to myself I’m sinning, so my apologies to all as well.:blush:

Apology accepted,but you personally have not offended me.

Not offended at all. I’m here to learn, and I log in with armor on! Keep up the good work.:thumbsup:

God forgives, and I also forgive you.

I ask that if in the goodness of your heart you might also forgive me, sinner that I am … I am sorry.

My friend,
You have always been respectful to me, even when we strongly disagree. As brothers in Christ, forgiving each other should be as natural as breathing. Since there is nothing to forgive between us, I pray His peace for you, that He strengthens you in all that you do in His name.


Personally, I find this entire THREAD to be OFFENSIVE! :slight_smile: :smiley:

I prefer sugar-coated things myself. :wink:

As a compromise might I suggest butter-cream frosting ?


It is always a pleasure to hear from you. Very kinds words.And may God bless you and guide you as well in your faith in all that you do in His name. :thumbsup:

Of course my brother in Christ. As I once said…I have nothing but deep admiration and respect for ALL Orthodoxs. I pray for our unity in God’s name…amen!

I was unfamiliar with the idiom. My idiomatic English is still quite poor at times, as evidenced by “butter-coated”… Wiktionary clarified the issue.

Nicea: I believe the plural of “Orthodox” is “Orthodox”, as it already has the es-sound on the end: that, is, three Orthodox are the same as three box, or two stocks (to put criminals in), not being made plural by the addition of the letter s (however, I’m not entirely sure - see the first half of this post). I do know some are made plural by adding -en (as in oxen) but I don’t think Orthodoxen is a word.


I like the reference to George Carlin… :smiley:

I’ve read your posts & replies. I am not offended at all.

I know there are many heated arguments between Catholics and Orthodox and then we pick on the Protestants.

I don’t do any of that… I do however read them.

I keep away from those threads… I stick with islam… :smiley:

Be well & best regards

My mother is not a naive English speaker, so I understand; she says things like this all the time. What language uses butter-coated? :smiley:

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