My apology for the 'zombie' post

I would sincerely like to apologize for a post I made on here the other day regarding philosophical zombies and…well…I’m sure most of you saw the post…

I should have been more considerate of the other posters on here. I’m sorry if anyone was scandalized or offended by my post.

If it’s any consolation, my post did come from a sincere desire to know an answer to a question and to gain a better knowledge of God’ ways. But after reflecting back on it, I definitely could have went about it in a more sensitive manner.

It’s a privilege to have this forum available, and I resolve to use it in a more fruitful way from now on.


Thank you. Many of my relatives are zombies so I was naturally offended. Just kidding-about being offended anyway. I actually thought your thread was fine once understood. :grinning:



On behalf of the Zombie-American Community, your apology is accepted.

You mean the Philosophical Zombie thread? For what it’s worth, I didn’t find it scandalous or offensive. I replied early in the thread but didn’t read further. Did anyone say they were scandalized or offended?

The Philosophy category has seen stranger things.

By the way, how does a zombie philosophize?

“I think I think. Therefore I think I am.”

(with apologies to Descartes)

I’m disappointed that there isn’t a zombie pride flag… :rage:


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