My appologies to the CAF community


I tried to find the thread I posted a couple weeks back, but it is gone. :confused: Anyways it said some nasty things about CAF, for which I am very sorry. :( It's just that there is nowhere else for me to go for fellowship in dealing with my trials. The only other Catholic in my life is my mother and she's in very fragile health so I can't have heart to hearts with her anymore. My husband is a saint of a man and gives more than his fair share of help in carrying my heavy crosses. The only member of my parish I receive any help from during this difficult time is my priest, God bless him! And even he is coming to a loss of how to proceed with my spiritual direction. I have no Catholic friends save the ones I've made here. (I don't fit in anywhere in any groups of my parish! :()However, even they are moving on with their lives and I'm stuck in this time of seemingly endless suffering and pain unable to move any direction, but hoping it's forward. :gopray:

I'm going through a lot as some of you know. I haven't even posted the extent of my problems due to privacy. Just please know it's enough to make anyone break under it's pressure. It's not an excuse, but hopefully it explains things a bit.

Anyways, the CAF mother's day advertisements were just one more thing I could not be a part of here (and in the Church) it made me feel isolated and alone. And triggered a flood of emotions, for which I am truly sorry.

That being said, I'm trying, desperately to learn to carry these tremendous crosses with grace. My earlier post obviously shows that I'm far from it. :o I hope CAF and it's members can accept my sincerest apologies. I hope to return to these forums regularly after Mother's Day is over, as I cannot bear to see these advertisements due to my infertility and my own mother being very ill and quite possibly near death.

Once again, I am very sorry and hope I didn't hurt anyone during my outburst. :(

God bless you all. :hug3:


We understood. :console:

No apology necessary. We're here when you're up to being here.


Prayers for you!


Prayers for you and a great big hug. Don't worry about it.. we all have our moments. I do hope things improve for you though.. I can hear the frustration and sadness in your post. Hang in there.


It could be worse. You could be this gator. First, a warning. Violent and graphic content below:


I'm praying for you.

I've had a lot of 'issues' too and found CAF to be very supportive.

Take care.


Thanks…this made my day! :hug3:

Thank you all for being so very understanding. :grouphug: You are a great group of Catholics and I obviously love coming here. :wink: It’s just very hard sometimes due to my particular crosses. Again very sorry for my outbursts. Maybe confession would help that part of it. :o


Your a wonderful person to apologize. It takes a HUGE person to do such.

God bless you a thousand times.


VERY happy to see that you're back! Everyone has their bad days and we all say things we later regret. I'm just glad that you overcame those moments and came back. Looking forward to reading your posts!


Thank you RascalKing and takers. :hug3: I try to get things right, but I so often have already messed up big time by that time. :o But I have mental health issues, so your comments mean a lot to me. God bless you all.


as a previous hater of mother's day and that pain it inflicts upon the infertile, I am sending you HUGE Hugs, friend!


Dear Prolife Wife,

Welcome back! I know I speak for all of us when I say we are glad to have you back. It takes a strong woman to apologize and I applaud you for that. I will keep praying for you.




prolifewife -

Welcome back! It's good to have you :) It takes a strong woman to be so open with her struggles and to apologize when she feels she has done wrong (though I don't think the apology was necessary... :shrug:).

You are definitely in my prayers in a special way in the next week or so as Mother's Day approaches. :hug1:


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