My (as yet) unexplained medical issues


I would appreciate your prayers. Currently my doctor and I are trying to figure out what is wrong with me. A neurologist thought I had arthrits (at age 24), but blood and urine samples show otherwise. A physical neurologic exam showed that I have good balance and grip but a very weak right leg and other weird symptoms (tingling in my feet, loss of sensation in some parts of my feet, etc). I had my legs x-rayed Friday for cysts, etc that would cause them to hurt (one of my many weird symptoms). On Wednesday I’ll find out if those are normal or not. If they are normal then the doctor wants me to have an MRI to see if there is anything in my brain that would be causing the symptoms. My doctor doesn’t think it’s multiple sclerosis but wants to rule it out anyways.

Please pray that I may entirely resign myself to God’s will, to trust Him and to give me peace while I wait for Wednesday to see how the x-rays go. And that He may enlighten the doctor as to what’s wrong with me.

Thank you and pax! :heart:

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