My aunt's dog bit me

I’m NOT ASKING FOR MEDICAL ADVICE - just wanted to make that clear :smiley:

But, my aunt just got a pup from the pound and this little jack russel was sooooo cute and soooo nice until my sister brought her shi tzu. My sister’s dog is the sweetest dog alive, he doesn’t bark, he’s really really mellow. He just follows my sister around and sits on her lap.

Well, as soon as my aunt’s dog saw my sister’s dog, my aunt’s dog turned into this little vicious little beast and attacked my sister’s dog! So we were looking out for the jack russel, he was playing with the kids, until he saw the shi tzu again and started growling so viciously and my reaction was to pick up Pepper, the shi tzu. The dumb jack russel jumped about 5 feet to get Pepper!!! He was hanging from Pepper’s tail so I lifted Pepper higher than my head and the dum russel jumped higher and reached my hand and bit me!!! :mad:

This dumb little 8 month old dog stuck 2 teeth on my hand and I started bleeding. He even took two buttons off my coat! :eek:

So, now I don’t know if I should get a tetanus shot. He has all his vaccines, and I’m not sure if I’d need the shot. What would you do or what did you do if you got bit? Again, I’m not asking for medical advice. The reason I’m asking is that I could be pregnant and don’t know if a vaccine is a good idea.

Be thankful it was just a pup! :wink:

My 2 (now 4) year old German Shepherd sunk his teeth into my hand after he trapped his legs in a wire cord and the blood circulation was stopped. He panicked and bit me when I was trying to help release him.

But he had had all his vaccines so I just nursed my crushed hand :blush: and left it at that.

If I were you, I wouldn’t worry about it, but since you know the specifics of the situation, you are the sole one to judge whether or not you need the shot.

Sorry, no useful advice :rolleyes: but I feel your pain (and I really know what it is like ;))

In Jesus Christ,

Ouch… a 2 yr old German Shepherd! They have big teeth! :eek:

Well, I just called the advice nurse at the clinic and she wants me to go see a doctor. That’s funny because the wound is already healing and it’s so small. If nothing happened to you, I don’t think something will happen to me. Compared to your dog’s teeth, this was nothing!

I studied medical assisting and well, I am supposed to get a tetanus booster, but from the looks of the wound… I don’t know, it only looks like a scrape now. I guess I can call a friend doctor and see what he says, right?

Yessi—it is up to you but if you go to the doctor about this or the ER they will report it to the authorities. It is a law that every animal bite is reported. When was your last tetanus shot? Within 5 years they will not give you another one and they are generally good up to 10 years.

That’s why I don’t want to go to see a doctor. I don’t want anything to happen to the dog. My last shot was in 1995… and the nurse did feel hesitant to tell me to get the shot since there is a possibility I could be pregnant. :rolleyes:

No advise about getting a tetanus shot or not at this point but praying that you are indeed pregnant!

Brenda V.

I would have definitely gone and gotten the bite cleaned out by a doctor. :eek: When my oldest was 18 months old, he was bitten on the face by our cat (who promptly was found a new home, without children, as i do not trust any animal that’s bitten once around kids). I took him to the ER, even though I knew they would report the bite to Animal Control. I wanted to make sure the bite was cleaned out thoroughly. You never know what’s lurking in an animal’s mouth. The bite was fairly shallow, since it was on his head and didn’t go into deep muscle, but the doctor said it was a good idea to get it cleaned well, which they did.

Yes, they may report the bite, but I know all Animal Control did with us was tell us to keep the cat quarantined (away from other animals and people) for five days and observe the behavior. They won’t put the dog down, for one bite.

What if the dog bites a child tomorrow and the wound is worse?

Since I am a certified medical assistant, I cleaned the wound very well, also, my sister helped me since she is a medical coordinator at her work and does what a nurse would usually do in a hospital. So the wound was cleaned well. As far as the dog comes…

My aunt was there when he bit me, so they know that this dog can’t be around other dogs now. He’s good and playful with kids but not good with other dogs, as you can tell from how I got bitten. I did tell the clinic it wasn’t my dog who bit me, so they have the report.

I called my friend doctor and said I really don’t need the tetanus shot, but if I am not pregnant, that I should get it just in case. So I’ll know by next week whether or not I’m pregnant (more likely I’m not, but I rather be on the safe side).

I’m glad the wound was cleaned well. Animal bites just scare me, ever since my cousin was bit on the knee by an Irish setter and had to have the wound fully irrigated.

I would be very careful with kids around that dog, though. Kids can aggravate a dog as well as another dog can. Dogs will often see a small child, since they’re smaller than adults, as, well, another dog or animal that they need to be defensive towards, unfortunately. :frowning:

Come to think of it, when my son was bitten by our cat, he didn’t get a tetanus shot. They were more concerned about whether the cat had rabies or distemper, IIRC.

And, here’s praying you’re pregnant! :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

Terriers are the most likely dogs to bite when they feel cornered.

Thanks… I’m just hoping, but I’m sure I’m not :frowning:

I wonder if the pound knew this dog could act like this…


  1. Never bring two dogs together that have not met before without having both of them restrained.
  2. If one dog starts to growl or snap at the other, NEVER under any circumstances place any body part between the two animals. (Unless you aren’t interested in keeping that body part.)


As someone who has spent her share of time around the humane soceity, I’d always advise someone to investigate the breed before they buy or go to the pound. If you fall in love with a terrier, then, take some time to do the research - call your local Jack Russell terrier group and ask them why most are abandoned.

Sadly, we want little dogs, and many of these have not so nice temprements.

Since he came from the pound, and was “tested” for temperament with other dogs, they let him be adopted. But yes, my sister should have brought her dog on a leash and should’ve tried to see if this other dog would be friendly. Sadly, I was the one who took the bite! But I’m glad it was me and not one of the kids playing with Pepper.

That’s what I did before we adopted my dog. But mine’s a big dog. And he turned out to be the most loveable dog in the world! :stuck_out_tongue: And he’s wonderful with kids and other dogs, even when one was biting him on the neck at the park :mad: (that reminds me, I never reported that dog! I was afraid he’d bite me if I tried to look at his tag, the owners just let him run w/o a leash and he attacked my dog and they wouldn’t get him off of mine :mad: ).

Hi Yessi,

I don’t know if you should see the doctor or not… When I was about 8 months pregnant with my older daughter I was very badly bitten and scratched by my cat.

(He hated other cats and had gotten into a “fight” through a screened window. He was so outraged he couldn’t get to the other cat that, when he saw me come to check out the commotion, he lept about five feet from the window sill and latched onto my arm. My daughter is now 18 and I still have scars. …But those could also be from my pet cat when I was a teenager. I sure know how to pick sweet cats, don’t ? But that’s another story.)

In any case, I ended up going to the emergency room because I though I might need stitches. I didn’t need stitches but I did get the area cleaned out. They didn’t give me a tetanus booster although I was probably due for one. The emergency room doctor took out a Sharpie and drew a huge line around the worst bite/scratch and told me to watch for signs of redness. I think it did eventually get a bit red so I was later given some kind of baby safe antibiotics.

Chances are you will be okay without a tetanus shot, but I’d certainly keep an eye on that dog.

My husband is a big fan of terriers. Since we’ve been married we’ve had a fox terrier, two Irish Terriers, and are now on the third Airedale. I’d have to say that for the most part, terriers are NOT that good with other dogs. But they are usually very sweet to people unless the person is between the terrier and another dog.

Terriers tend to have this haughty air about them. It seems to offend other dogs. If another dog has that same haughty aura then the terrier feels the need to prove his superiority. I find it interesting that the Dog Whisperer hasn’t featured very many of the terriers that originated from the British Isles.

I would suggest that your aunt make it very clear to her new dog that she is the BOSS. And I wouldn’t introduce any other dogs to her dog until such time as the terrier had been well exercised by means other than play. Playing fetch may provide exercise but terriers need exercise that is something other than fun. The Dog Whisperer is right about one thing. Exercise and discipline need to come before affection

As the owner of a lhasa apso (cousin to the shi tzu) who gets bit ALL THE TIME, I’d say don’t worry about it. WAsh with warm soap and water and use some neosporin.

Shi tzus and lhasas were bred not only as lap dogs, but also as alert dogs. They alerted palaces and monastaries about approaching strangers. They are exceptionally good at recognizing friend from foe (foe can = anyone or any animal they haven’t met yet).

My little doggie also had a litter of pups taken from her. Did your aunts’ shi tzu have the same thing happen? That makes dogs imprint very strongly on their human owners…in fact they can decide we are their missing “puppies”.

Plus, Jack Russels just have that terrier attitude. It was a perfect storm. :slight_smile:

Noadvice, Yessi, just prayers your way.

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