My autistic nephew and his mother need your prayers desperately!


Hello Everyone.

**I posted this in Prayer Intentions also, but I want as many people as possible praying. Thank you in advance for your prayers! God bless you and yours! **

**[size=3]**Please pray! My sister (B.) needs your prayers desperately for herself and her son, my nephew. My nephew J. is severely autistic. My sister is a single parent, with two other children. J. is 6, her other two are 4 (N.) and 7(M.) **[/size]**Her youngest N. is suspected to have Asperger’s Syndrome (a more mild form of autism.) He could use your prayers too, as well as “big sis M.” who helps my sister care for both boys.

Anyways, J. is becoming unmanageable. He tries to run away, he hurts himself (but thankfully not others), he almost bit off his tongue during one of his fits (there is a gaping hole about six teeth long in his tongue!), he can’t talk at all, he has never spoken in the six years of his life! My sister is afraid to put him in a group home as his dad might apply for full custody of J. Dad does not even acknowledge J. has autism, let alone realize the severity of it. He has run away from dad’s house and the police had to bring him back. So she’s trying to keep him out of the group home for a good reason.

She’s at a loss and doesn’t know what else to do. She does physical fitness training so she can have the strength to run after him (cause he’s FASTER than any adult we know) as well as be able to pin him down (its the ONLY way he’ll take his absolutely necessary medications.) J. sees SO many doctors and therapists she’s broke. She is on food stamps. She has to keep quitting her jobs cause of J. He can’t be in day care and school only runs so long. She is suffering SO much. She needs prayers, as well as her son. And really, as do all of them.

[size=3]PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pray for them all.[/size]


will do


On behalf of my sister…thank you SO much! You are helping God’s little one’s by praying for him. :yup: May God bless you for your kindness to our family! :signofcross:


Praying for your sis and her family…
Dear Lord,

Please help this mommy and her little ones to find some peace and joy in their lives. Help them to be able to enjoy the basics like food and security and grow in love always. Help this mommy get through each day knowing that YOU are there for her and her tiny ones and please give them some relief from this chaos…



Oh Malia! You are such a dear. So selfless and self-giving. I hope your precious darling is doing well too. You are a wonderful person and a great mother.

Thanks for the prayers. God bless you and yours as well!

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