My baby’s daycare doesn’t allow knowing last name of teacher

I live in NY and I think some responses were from people that don’t live here & don’t understand how crazy things are here… if you have a trusting relationship with that provider , and you trust your child being there make the best of it… otherwise you have to find a new place with people you don’t know & don’t trust, which takes time… it is more challenging here … than other places due to cost, transportation issues, volume of people, so many different communities. I’m so happy that you have a little boy :slight_smile:

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Part of my work involves 6 hrs a week in a situation of first names only and absolutely no personal discourse. If it comes up it must be deflected.


There are certain situations where that might be appropriate, but leaving your non-verbal child with someone is not one of those situations.

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Hi Allegra,

Do you know you may have undiscovered assets from deceased relatives awaiting you? Contact me 0800-123-123. This is not a scam. You could win big. Act now.

That sort of phone call/email is one I find annoying as well. The ‘you’ve been in a car crash recently as a driver’ is one you get a lot in the UK. I love those as I always point as a non-driver if I was driving the care they should be phoning the police not me.

On the topic the OP is raising this all strikes me as very bizarre writing from the UK. I would WANT to know the surname of anyone looking after my children.

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I actually did have the state call me to tell me that I had “unclaimed property” in an office in Jeff City and I needed to fill out an application to get it. It turned out to be legit! It was my last paycheck from a job I worked as a teen, that I left to go to college and never got my last check. You never know!

Indeed not. Although I like the fact I get emails in the UK telling me I have thousands of dollars in unclaimed inheritance awaiting me.

My reply was in response to the little lady and in sharing a protocol.

Pretty good case for knowing everything you can about your neighbors, as well as teachers, daycare, shopkeepers, anyone else you interact with, wouldn’t you say? I’ll plead guilty as charged to being “nosy” any day of the week.

It is not traditional Catholic practice to pray for the repose of the souls of those who die in infancy (not yet at the age of reason), so the Divine Praises are more appropriate:

I hate to say it, but abuse, abductions, and even murders are committed by people we think we know EVERYTHING about. We’ve got two kids missing out West with their mom or another family member most likely responsible.

In fact, in this awful case, they’re not even saying that the neighbor did it. They aren’t naming names yet.

I would want to know this daycare worker’s name for transparency and maybe looking into her background. But knowing that name doesn’t prevent violence, and not knowing it won’t cause violence.

It sounds like the OP got what she wanted.

That is true, but it is better to know, than not to know.

I have read some of the message boards about this case, and without spreading rumors, many people are speculating that he had nothing to do with it, and that he was killed by the real perpetrator to make it look like a murder-suicide, with evidence planted to implicate him. Or he may have known or seen something he wasn’t supposed to.

But still, you want to know about your neighbors. That’s just Life 101.

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