My bad fast ash wednesday


I ate three large meals and 4 or 5 snacks today. What should I do next time?


Did you forget to fast or don’t know the rules? Next time meaning Good Friday? If you don’t know the fasting rules search for them.


Um, next time dont eat that much…


I want to know how to have more self control. I love eating it is probably like the only thing I like besides going to church


So if you have an eating disorder (and you have indicated you may) we can only direct you to seek medical and possibly mental assistance.


You could try to limit your eating tomorrow


Do something else to make up for what you didn’t do. Maybe you could fast another day to make up for it. Say the stations of the cross or pray the rosary. Give extra in alms, particularly to a charity that helps the poor in their misery.


It might be a good idea to check with a doctor before you embark upon a fast. I am a big eater myself (although I currently have a bad cold and don’t feel like eating anything). When I don’t eat, I feel faint and sick. And since I work in a hospital, I can’t do my work properly if I feel this way.

Maybe you have a medical condition that makes fasting sickening or even dangerous for you. I would make an appointment and check it out.

And in the meantime, perhaps instead of fasting, try switching your regular snacks out for something lo-cal and nutritious, like veges, fruits, and water. That might be the best fasting you can do at this time.

Hope this is helpful…


Next time you need to eat less.

I am glad you said you enjoyed eating because that makes it easier to point out that fasting should be unpleasant. It is a form of penance.

You need to eat no more than three meals on a fasting day. Nothing should be eaten outside of those three meals, so no in between meal snacks.

You can have one main meal but that does not mean three large courses. You should be somewhat restrained. If my understanding is correct the other two meals should in total amount to less than is eaten at the main meal.


I have found that saying I’m going to learn how to do something is better than saying I’m going to do something.

So one year I decided to learn to fast. I started by saying I would fast from 3 to 4 pm. What I learned was that I would be totally tempted to eat for that one hour while the rest of the day was, eh.

Just a thought for your Lent, altho I agree with the others that if you have a medical or psychological problem it should be checked out by professionals in person rather than by random laypeople online!


I don’t enough about you to answer. Are you under the age of 18? If so the rule of fasting does not apply to you. Same if you are over the age of 60. If you have certain medical conditions you would be exempt, too. May God Bless you.


Are you Catholic? Between the ages of 18 and 60? Do you have any medical conditions that would limit your ability to cut back your food intake?

If your answers are “yes”, “yes”, and “no”, then the Catholic fast (on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday) really only obligates you to limit your eating to one full meal and two meals which, when the two are added up, aren’t as much as one full meal. So, the ‘fast’ is really just “two-thirds of your normal caloric intake.”

If it’s hard, then that’s good – it means you really are making a sacrifice! :+1:


It seems that the OP isn’t Catholic.


It’s one meal (or two snacks that together equal one meal) on a fasting day, I do believe. Otherwise, how is that fasting?



Last evening I was sitting with my husband and I said “I am hungry!” Only an hour before I had a meal of brown rice, black beans and tuna, so, it was not a BIG meal.

Then I said “and I am supposed to be hungry because it is Ash Wednesday!”

So, if you are in good health, and you knew the rules, take it to your priest.


I’m not catholic yet and a teenager I’m just trying to push myself to fast at least twice a year given that I have no control over my diet so I often time eat meat on Fridays.


OK, so… strictly speaking, this means you’re not obligated to observe these rules (although, if it’s something you choose to do, then you’re free to make that choice).

If you’re not 18 yet, then even if you were already Catholic, then the rules of fasting wouldn’t yet apply to you until you turned 18.

In general, the requirement to abstain from eating meat (which is called ‘abstinence’, not ‘fasting’) only applies on Ash Wednesday, Fridays in Lent, and Good Friday. (Some dioceses have their own rules – as memory serves, dioceses in Great Britain abstain on every Friday.)

So, you’re doing ok – no worries! :+1:


FYI – in the United States, the fasting obligation is for ages 18-59.

(I made the same mistake, trying to explain it yesterday, until I looked it up. :wink: )


Ok, start with tomorrow (Friday) by not eating meat from warm blooded animals. So no chicken, turkey, ham, steak, burgers, etc

But you can have fish, chicken eggs, milk, cheese, frog legs, snapper turtle, alligator, snakes, etc.

If it helps at all, the McDonald’s fillet-o-fish sandwich was created to give Catholics a Friday menu choice.

So really try to make Friday’s a no meat day, and start from there.

Then when Good Friday comes, eat a lot on Holy Thursday night, before bed.

Also, next year for Ash Wednesday, there is a reason why Shrove Tuesday (the day before Ash Wednesday) is often called “Fat Tuesday.” People will eat a lot of fatty foods on that Tuesday so they can function with no food on Ash Wednesday.

Finally, what I do, is I don’t haven breakfast or lunch on Ash Wednesday. I wait for Dinner, and have a small one (like two slices of plain pizza) or Egg salad sandwich. And if I need a snack during the day to keep me going, I will have a bagel with cream cheese OR two hard boiled eggs

But start with tomorrow by refraining from meat.

God Bless


Fixed, thanks. Father misread (or I misheard) the email he summarized from the USCCB at our Monday night gospel reflection group.

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