My bad fast ash wednesday


The alternate that they tried (and failed) was a grilled pineapple sandwich.


You’re encouraging gluttony?


If you aren’t Catholic yet, then you aren’t bound by the rules and regulations of the Church.


I’m a foodie too. But the rules and regulations of Lent are an incentive to have more self control.

I don’t see your age anywhere in your posts. So if you are under the age of 18 but 14-17, you would, if you were Catholic, only be bound by the abstinence rule (not eating meat on Ash Wednesday and all Fridays of Lent.

Because your age isn’t listed, my advice is to see your dr since you may not have stopped growing yet. He can advise you of whether or not you are healthy enough to fast (in the future) and abstain now. He can also let you know whether or not you have any health issues which would prevent you from these.

If he tells you not to fast or abstain from food, you must listen to him as well as to your parents who may not wish you to do this at this time.


Feasting before Fasting is not gluttony. Now a person could be glutton when feasting, but I was not endorsing that.

Many Parishes organize bus trips on Holy Thursday, after the Last Supper to travel around to different parishes and pray before the Blessed Sacrament in the many parishes. Then, they return back to the parish later (sometimes as last as 11PM) and feast on cookies, cakes, snacks, treats, 1etc before Good Friday starts at midnight.


It you need to binge eat in this way I’d suggest you talk to your doctor about a possible eating disorder, and some health promotion advice.


I was once explained that meekness does not mean humbleness necessarily but patience. Maybe you are impatient with yourself, disappointed you didn’t follow all rules.
Maybe the key is to push forward and do it great on the next days of Lent.
Easter Lent begins hard and ends hard (in terms of fasting). But then you get many days to get it rigjt and three wonderful last days to make it all up.
Don’t feel push down just now. Persist and be patient.


Thank you for not judging me and offering sound advice qnd encouragement


Dear rome617 – I love your honesty. I am a convert myself (of ten years) and this whole fasting thing was very hard to do! I’m getting better, but I think it’s honestly better to acknowledge that you aren’t going to be able to go from 0 to 60 right away. Good luck to you and Good bless you on your journey (maybe into the Church).


The church has said as much that it’s one regular AND two small meals. If done correctly it IS fasting.


Based on the title and substance of this post what are the odds this is a troll posting?


I believe selectively misquoting someone is called cherry-picking. I do not know why people find the need to do this.

Saying two small meals ought really to be called snacks is nit-picking.

Perhaps my terminology was not precise but I find no usefulness to this attempt to reproach me for what I wrote.

At least one other poster (Wonderyturns) seems to think I was correct.


I am sorry, I was not trying to misquote you; I probably misunderstood what you meant. I thought you were saying that we could have three meals on a fast day. Then I replied that we can only have one meal; or alternatively we can split that one meal up into two smaller meals or snacks (whatever you want to call them). I didn’t have an issue over the terminology of meals vs. snacks.

Probably we were talking past each other. Apologies if I caused offense.


Interesting. I guess you are right. I always thought the rule was one meal, or else two small meals that together equal one meal. Having three meals, even if two are small, just doesn’t seem like fasting to me, as that’s about what I eat in a normal day. But to each his own, and apparently that does qualify in the US.


post withdrawn by author


I have a similar story. A few years ago, I decided to give up chocolate for the Great Fast (Lent). Throughout the Great Fast I had this insatiable desire for chocolate. Plus where I work, there’s lots of dark/milk/mint chocolate around. It was tough!!!


Are you sure about that? I thought the obligation to abstain from meat is from 14 for the rest of life (provided no health issues/ doctors advice, of course).


LOL! @phil19034 corrected his post, which was originally about fasting, not abstinence. When he said he corrected it (and I have to admit, I didn’t look, but I presumed that he changed “14” to “18”), if he changed the topic to ‘abstinence’, then he should have dropped the “until 59” part. You’re right @paperwight – the obligation to abstain does not expire at any given age.


Yes, the fasting is from the ages of 18-59.
Abstinence is from the age of 14 to death.


Thank you very much. I unreservedly accept.

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