My bad fast ash wednesday


It must, therefore, come down to what one perceives a meal to be.

I would consider this to be within what is permitted.

Breakfast (a meal): a slice of toast and a cup of coffee.

Lunch (main meal): Cheese omelette with salad followed by a coffee.

Supper (meal): Tuna mayonnaise sandwich with a cup of tea.

Outside those three meals I would only consume water to quench my thirst and would certainly not eat any other solid food.

I certainly believe our Eastern brethren have a thing or too to teach us about fasting.

As an aside I do not consider what Muslims do during the month of Ramadan as fasting. They can neither eat nor drink during daylight hours. What they eat when it is dark has no restrictions. I am sure having nothing to eat, and certainly nothing to drink, during the day must be difficult. However, to me (and to other Christians) fasting is about the quantity you consume and not when.


Ugh!!! I “corrected” it only to make it more wrong!!! I just deleted my post.

Thanks for catching my other mistake —- UGHHH


“Abstain until you die from it”??? …that’s not the way I remember it. :rofl: :wink:

That depends. Would this be your usual amount of food consumed daily? If so, then you should cut down on it for a fast day.

LOL! No worries… we all have days like that on the forums! :+1:

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