My Baptism Invalid Anxiety. :(

A few weeks ago I made a thread asking if could be re-baptized in the Church to which I have already been received. I am still have massive doubts and sever anxiety about the validity of my baptism.

I was baptized in a Baptist church. They baptized me in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and I was dunked under the water.

I saw this in the Catholic encyclopedia:

“the Baptists use the rite only for adults, and the efficacy of their baptism has been called in question owing to the separation of the matter and the form”

Now, I don’t remember if he said the words just before dunking me or during it but I am assuming because it was Baptist it was right before… This is a custom in most Baptist and Evangelical churches it seems…

I am so anxious. I really don’t feel Christian I don’t feel right with God I am having anxiety and I just want some kind of affirmations official affirmation that my bapitsm was valid but I can’t seem to find that… Please help. :frowning:

You might want to look at the date on the Catholic encyclopedia you reference. The common one on the Internet is from 1914 and doesn’t reflect current practice, current canon law, etc.

Baptist baptisms are considered valid. See, for example, this document from the Diocese of St. Petersburg: or this one from the Archdiocese of Baltimore: or this one from the Diocese of Columbus:

Your doubts are not coming from a healthy spiritual place. Perhaps you should speak with a priest or spiritual director.

I’m sorry, love, but we’re just a bunch of anonymous strangers on the internet.

No one here can offer you an “official affirmation” on the validity of your baptism. That would have to come from someone official – like your pastor, or some diocesan official.

If your pastor said your baptism is valid, and that is still not official enough for you, then the problem isn’t documentation, it’s within you, dear. And nothing anyone here says will fix that for you.

As for getting re-baptized (if I recall your previous thread correctly), if the causes of these worries are stemming from something within you, then going through the motions (baptism can only occur once) will still not bring you peace. You’ll find some reason to question the validity of the second “baptism” just as you do the first one.

Talk with your pastor. Therein lies your answer.

Praying for you, dear one. :signofcross:

I know you struggled with this just a few months ago.

What did your pastor say? I am assuming you have chatted with him, and it is he you need to be working this out with.

Praying for you

As others have said, speak to your pastor. Meanwhile, try to be at peace. Your anxiety appears to be based on unimportant factors (it doesn’t matter if the words were said before or during), and you’re missing the most supremely important parts: intentions and that you’ve been blessed with unparalleled grace of the Lord. The Church received you; that’s your authoritative answer.

So, the encyclopedia doesn’t apply today? When was this changed?

ask your pastor !

Like Cor Ad Cor said, it doesn’t matter if the words were said before, during or after. You are misunderstanding what you have read.

Please, talk to your pastor and listen to him.

I recommend talking to a priest and accepting his judgement as true. You should then move forward trusting in his judgement. God isn’t some monster looking to catch you on some issue so he can send you to Hell. The Church has judged your baptism valid. The Church has authority on these matters. God created the Church for our salvation. If the Church tells you that your baptism is valid and you are a full member of the Church then it is true. And God will honor this judgement because the Church is to be a sure guide that we can trust.

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