My Battle with My Lust. A Christian Man's Account




Interesting that you needed to forgive God

What has He done this time?


The OP didn’t even write the blog himself/herself.

Did you even click on the link and read it?


I am sorry, that I misread something


“Lust indulged became habit, and habit unresisted became necessity.” – Saint Augustine.


To me, lust like many sins appears to be something that someone engages in primarily because they have these energies that they have no outlet for. The Church’s solution is to say “get married” or “become religious.” To some, either prospect can be years and even decades in the making though, giving plenty of opportunity to “burn with passion.” This is particularly true in the modern age, especially since marriage (for a man) in the time of St. Paul meant “going down to the market and taking home a bride.” These days, it takes a lot more time, even decades potentially, to work out, during which there is plenty of opportunity to “burn with passion.” In that case, all people in the modern age basically have to live as though they were consecrated celibate religious (but against their desire to be) potentially for a good many years before their sexual desires find their fulfillment in matrimony, during which time they are essentially stuck “burning with passion” and waiting upon the Lord.

Perseverance in this matter may be God’s way of fighting promiscuity in the world by essentially increasing the value of personal chastity among his faithful. Who knows. All I know is I can’t think of anything harder. In fact, sometimes death seems easier than living alone with little to no outlet for these energies. Having said that, let’s remember “those who persevere to the end will be saved.” That end is God’s discretion.


I once heard a nun was asked if she ever dealt with sexual desires and her answer, of course, was yes. I believe her answer was that her outlet was loving people like Jesus did. :slight_smile:

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