My Birthday


Hello every body from Catholic Forum.

Today is my birthday and I got suddenly happy and with a wish to share my heart with every body around the world.

I know its a long time I haven´t post any thing here but today is a very special day to do it…Hope you agree.

I am from Brasil and I am 42 now. The saint of the day is St. Anthony Claret. I read that when he was at 42, beginning with five young priests, he founded a religious institute of missionaries, known today as the Claretians. I see that I have some chance too…lol

Feel free to write some thing talking about the beauty of the life.

May God bless all of you.

In Jesus love.


Have a blessed B-day!


You share your birthday with my husband who is 39 today!

Have a beautiful day!


Your husband borne in a very special day…and you may have found a very special guy as well…lol ( kiding)


Happy Birthday to you! :extrahappy: I’m so happy to hear that your heart is full of joy today! I’m hoping to get to an evening Communion Service tonight with my husband and children (one of whom is napping now, so that bodes well!). It will be so special to ge to go on such a Feast Day! :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your reply. I´ve been in miss today. Please remember me on your communion tonight. It will be my best gifts.

Love ya.


Tonight is a party at my place.
I am from Brasil and all of you are invited to come.


Is the party in Brazil? I’d love to see Brazil! Will Kaka be there?


Bem vindo a Catholic Answers, e parabéns a você!

(“Welcome to Catholic Answers, and happy birthday to you!” for all those English speakers. ;))

I hope I said that correctly. :o My Portuguese is not very strong now; it has been many years since I’ve spoken the language.


Just got back, we were able to go! And I certainly did pray for God to shower you with blessings today on your birthday! :slight_smile:


Thank you very mutch for your kindly attetion.


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