My brother got ordained to Universal life church online


Hello. My brother just got ordained online to universal life church as a joke. I am wondering if he gravely sinned in doing so. I know it is probably fake, but I am a little paranoid.


Yes, he gravely sinned. However, his sin may not be mortal if he didn’t know what he was doing was sinful.

Please do your best to get him to confession.

God Bless


Try this post for answers:

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i’ll hafta look into that, maybe ican get my Internet Theologian
license thru them & have some letters after my name


That would definitely be a grave sin in my book.


As a joke… Don’t know if it the funniest thing I have ever heard, but if it was done for a laugh, it probably isn’t a mortal sin. That said, if he opens his own drive thru matrimony chapel, that may well be a horse of a different color.


Since it’s a joke, don’t take it seriously. But, you might have some fun calling him Reverend until he’s sick of hearing it. :sunglasses:


I had a friend in college do that (but it was from the back of a magazine)–he did it just for laughs (“look what I got!”).
He never used it for anything, he just treated it as a curiosity, but u sometimes wondered if it was a sin somehow…


Why sign up to be ordained into an imaginary church rather than imagining your own and getting a few business cards printed?


I was going to do the same to officiate my best friends wedding but it is against church rules. Since he didn’t know it’s probably not mortal though.


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