My brother is a Deist

…can anyone recommend any resources that could help him? I suppose it would be more accurate to call him a lapsed Catholic, but everything he says to me is consistent with a Deist’s philosophy. On one level, he says that he believes there is a “higher power”, but he doesn’t see any of God’s work in everyday life.

I’m sure he’d be willing to read books, but I’m not sure how helpful the ones that presuppose the truth of Christ’s claim would be. I guess something that guides the reader to that conclusion would be best. Even though I have a copy, I haven’t read Mere Christianity yet…do you think that would be useful?

As always, it’s up to the Holy Spirit to infuse grace in his soul, but I feel like this could be one way that the Holy Spirit would begin to do His work.

Please pray for all struggling Catholics.

Mere Christianity might be a good choice.

I think it depends on why he has lapsed from the Catholic faith. He needs to see that God is not just “out there” – but that God desires a close relationship with us. Also, he needs to come to grips with the teachings of Christ. How does he accept that there is a “higher power” without taking Jesus’ words quite seriously about who God is? That’s something he’ll have to work out.

Chesterton, Kreeft, Knox, Muggeridge … those could be good authors to explore.

Other things to explore are the nature of conscience. If we commit a sin, who can we confess to and how can we be forgiven? A personal God is the only option.

God working in todays world - perhaps the Fatima apparations?

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