My brother just went to college


So my brother left at 8:45 today to go to Cornell as a freshman. There has been much drama. His last connection (Fort Myers-Charlotte-Philadelphia-Ithaca), left him and he had to find another flight, and his luggage is not on the plane.

Also, he is a very “I’m not actually Catholic, I just do it all to shut my parents up” kind of person, and needs to get pointed back in the right direction. HALP!

((He just called my mom and I can hear him on the speakerphone. There is more drama with the people at Cornell. It gets worse and worse.))


The first year of college is a lot of drama. I wish your brother well, and will say a prayer about his faith. Most college kids think they know it all about things like that. However, he will have many times that he will actually need his faith and sometimes people naturally will return to the faith of their parents. Others, like myself, need to experience a little of life before we realize that it is our faith that helps us get along. He may need some time to learn all of this. Don’t ever give up on him. I will say a prayer that he finds his luggage. That is hard-arriving at college without your things!


I said a pray for his faith and all of the “drama.” God bless him! Our Lady protect him!


In Jesus and Mary,


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St. Rita patron of difficult causes, please keep Nevarlander’s brother in prayer…


*Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. (Philippians 4:6)

Our God hears the prayers of your heart, and he will provide. It may take ‘drama’ to bring your brother to the Eucharistic Table. :byzsoc:


Praying for your brother…






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