My brother

My brother owns a shop. He just called me and said that the previous owner had doctored the books and had told alot of lies to alot of people. He would say he was ordering parts and the parts would never come in. My brother didn’t know this when he took over ownership. He said that now he has to close the shop because the shop name is ran into the mud and the business didn’t make at all close to what he was told it would make and what the books showed. He is very upset. Please keep him and his wife in your prayers. She is pregnant and due in October and needs to stay stressfree. And the guy that sold them the shop has left the country. He also needs prayers…to treat someone like this is very wrong.



I’ll pray for your brother and his family. May God open another door to success for them.

My prayers for your brother and his family and for the previous owner.

Will keep your brother and his wife and pregnancy in prayer along with all involved in the situation including the previous shop owner…I will hope and pray that all this will unfold in the end happily for your brother and wife and new babe…
:byzsoc: JMJ

Prayers. :gopray:


Praying for your brother…

I pray for all involved.

Is he SURE he has to close? I own a business and had to rehabilitate its reputation. It is difficult but anything is possible with God.

I pray for all involved.

My prayers to your brother and his wife, as well as the man who doctored the books

Tell your brother not to lose faith. Some of the best things come from letting go…the only place to go from there is forward.

I’ve been in similar circumstances the last several years, and God has given me great attention. Making sure that what He gives to me is “perfect”.

Perfect takes a long time sometimes.

Praying for your brother. :crossrc: In JESUS; name I pray. Amen.


Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, have mercy on me, a sinner and on the request of my friend…


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