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Hi, I have a friend who has made many poor choices in a very short period of time recently and is now on the road to recovery. However, just as the recovery started she picked up Buddhism. She has a little “liturgy” book, goes to meetings and recites daily some sort of mantra. She has been out of Christianity for several years now but, used to be very strong in her Anglican faith. How do I approach her about this new choice of hers or talk about why she should step away from it if she brings it up again for discussion? I want to at least get her away from it and if possible get her back to Christ. I just don’t know how to go about any of it really. Ideas?:eek::confused:

Hi, Upon,

Don’t panic. Just pray and trust. It doesn’t sound like she’s too far off. Catholicism has liturgy also (and really, what is the purpose? It’s a good sign, actually…), and daily mantras? (again, what is the purpose? Still not too far off, imo…).

Maybe I’ll be criticized for my opinion about it, but I’ve been around some and all I can tell you is that the power of the Holy Spirit is greater than anything this world (or underworld) has to offer. Just pray and trust, b/c it is amazing - the things that God uses to draw us closer to Him. Just when you think someone is going off the deep end… somehow God is using the experience to draw them further. But YOU have a part to play. Just pray and trust. Your expression of love (through prayer/sacrifice) is very instrumental!

Man, Mother Angelica would be giving me a big old slap in the face right now! “Pray for her and trust in the Lord!” LOL! Thanks! I will continue to pray for her. I know she isn’t lost yet, well, technically she is lost and trying to find her way but, you know what I mean! I know for sure that one day she will come around to her senses!:smiley:

Amen sister!

I got into new age for a very brief time…and it lead me right to the Catholic church.

God works in mysterious ways for sure.

oh and Upon, … your signature is the greatest!

I don’t think Buddhists are the worst faith as they have got quite a lot of natural revelation. They’re blessed because they have celibate monks. I don’t believe in all their Sutras but I think they’re also trying to find the truth or enlightenment and may not have totally preconceived ideas. They’re questioners and seekers in faith. Buddhism isn’t the worst. I’ve done quite a bit of research on the Buddhism. Buddhist is certainly the second best faith as they are just people who are searching for enlightenment. But not every Buddhist is guaranteed to go to heaven as we receive salvation through Christ.

They’ve also got pacifist ideals and the Dalai Lama is far better than some of the Imams.

I would suggest reading Chesterton’s book, Orthodoxy. It has a very relevant passage on the differences between Christianity and Buddhism. In addition to prayer, this will aid you in preparing for any discussion that might one day arise, and allow you to plant some seeds with your friend.

I would perhaps try a different approach in showing the person the similarities in Buddhism and Christianity especially Catholicism there is a book Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings and since Buddha appear 500 years before Christ he could by no means be in contact with the true god the god of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob. Because of the Covent between the Jews and god being the chosen people but i think Buddha revelation that we in fact have a spiritual side we need to be compassionate and we all suffer they fact that he never named the god of Abraham Isaac Jacob is that he couldn’t.

I feel that God placed some truth in all things as stepping stones for Christians to walk into to bring forth conversion.

For every season…

Buddhism led me eventually to here, so I think it’s all good, in it’s time. Some of us aren’t so blessed as to have the church from childhood, either, so it may seem strange, the journey that leads us eventually back home.

Besides, the “chant” she probably repeats, the Mani, is really about the Holy Spirt: There is a love that sits like a jewel in the lotus-flower that is our heart, and that jewel, that love, is God.

Since I became so aware of the reality of that part of God, I was inevitably led to the rest of the Trinity, and thus here. Fully Christian now but unsure denominationally.

Give her love and support. She feels the love of God. The Holy Spirit will steer her rightly. It will all end up wonderful.

†Peace in Christ,

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