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Last Friday I was driving my car and all of the sudden it just STOPPED! Luckly I was right next to an auto parts store so I pulled in there and called Dad. He came and changed the fuel fliter thinking that was what was wrong. I have bad luck so I knew it wasn’t something simple. I never have the small stuff happen to me. My brother and Dad spent all day Saturday trying to figure out what was wrong. My brother is a car guy so he went and got his computer and hooked it up and it brought up some error number he had never seen. We had to have it towed to a shop Sunday afternoon.

Well, the mechanic called yesterday…Its going to cost $450 to fix my car! I about died. :crying: My Dad told him its his single daughters car and she doesn’t have money…The mechanic said thats as low as he can go. My brother said thats pretty cheap to do what has to be done. Something is wrong with the timing. They have to replace the chain…Don’t have a clue what that means…Luckly my parents are going to charge it and I can just pay them whatever I can.

This all sucks…I cried all night about it…It just seems like one bad thing after another. Right when I’m about to stand up, I get knocked back down.

I really could use some prayers right now. I’m just to the point where I can’t handle much more.

I know that God only gives you what you can handle…I know that when times are tough thats when He carries you…I need to be carried right now.


Prayers for you right now.
You were knocked down but you did reach out and you did get up. That’s part of being on your own. Don’t freak out - its gonna happen and it will. It’s how we chose to deal with it that defines our maturity and our strength in our faith.

May I offer a different perspective.

  1. The blessings of a father and brother who care enough to help work on and diagnose the car.
  2. The blessings of the mechanic who went as low as he could go for the repair price (true - timing belts are expensive).
  3. The blessings that your folks can pay for it and you can pay them back over time. That’s a very mature plan you came up with by the way - most wouldn’t.
  4. The blessings of all the folks today who will see this and pray for you.

Rain falls in different forms (such as car trouble) in everyone’s life from time to time. Hopefully you can dance in the rain and get through it with pray and family rather than add tears to the puddles. God Bless you and praying you have a better week and things turn around for you soon.


Dear keri6789,

Sounds like your guardian angel was involved … You broke down next to an auto parts store rather than out on the highway during a storm or right underneath a traffic light while making a left-hand turn, or some other dangerous spot.

ltbpoe43 has already given you a lot of wise insight as to how you can look at this situation.

To that I will add my prayers.

Take care, things will get better. :slight_smile:

~~ the phoenix


I will pray for you when I say my night prayers AND my morning walk too. My son is having car problems and I know how he feels.


For all who have difficulty making ends meet, we pray to the Lord. :gopray:


God bless you, Keri. I keep you in my prayer.


Prayers are on it’s way Kerry.:crossrc:


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