My cat is overweight


Hi everyone. Could you please pray for my cat that I could reduce her weight to an ideal weight? She weighs 9 pounds. She is a domestic shorthair and is a female. She is 3 years old. Please pray that I can get her weight reduced to an ideal weight. I hope this isn’t too silly of me to ask but I love my cat and don’t want to see her get heart problems or anything from being overweight. :o


I will pray for your cat! :wink:


Thanks bpcatholic! :slight_smile:




Will say a quick prayer to St Francis…

What are you feeding your cat and how often? Are you giving her any people food?

I have a dog, but I watch what I feed her and stick to older dog type food that has less fat ect…I also try to watch table scraps because that is also fattening…




Wow. That is one fat cat. :eek: Thank you for your prayers.


I do understand how a pet becomes part of the family…seriously, my prayers are with you. However, you too have to do your part and control the amount of food your cat eats…best talk to a vet.


Yes, I fully understand this. :slight_smile: My problem is that I give her too many treats. It has been especially like this since the Christmas season started cause I like to spoil her. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, thanks for your prayers.

Thanks for your prayers Simon. My problem is that I have been feeding her too many treats. I’ll be cutting back on her treats starting now.


Hi Holly,

Is that really your cat??? Well, first of all, she looks more like 90 lbs, not 9 lbs. 9 lbs would be considered rather small for a cat!

If this is your cat she should be under the care of a veternarian. She is dangerously obese. Get her to a vet - fast! The vet needs to check her for diabetes, kidney, heart, etc. and put her on special food.

I will pray for your cat but you need to get her help - now!


From one pet lover to another, I will pray to St. Francis for your cat…

What is her name?


also bear in mind human treats can be deadly for cats. doesn’t look like she could do a trick to earn a treat if she wanted to, pobrecita. just read a link on about this very thing, and besides diet (which you control if she is an indoor cat) they suggested exercising with your cat. If you do that, we would love to see pictures of her trying to move. be careful picking her up, you could break something. she is a cutie, tho.

the vet should check her out for parasites, hairballs, and most of all diabetes and kidney damage. he will probably prescribe a diet so follow it to the letter.




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