My cat thinks I'm a mouse


…and won’t stop biting my feet. So I wear shoes, then he bites my leg…then I pick him up, and he bites my arm!

Is it possible for demons to possess cats?

Do I need an exorcist? :highprayer:



I think all cats have a little bit of demon in them. But I’m a dog person, so of course I think cats are totally possessed. :smiley:


You have the date of your conception down to the day, huh? You must be using NFP :slight_smile:


I think your cat is seriously bored and you are the best possible toy available because you give a reaction!

Our cats would do what you describe occasionally, but they usually jumped on each other or the dogs. Torturing a large hound is apparently great fun for a cat.

It was when my folks had only the one cat left that things got bad. The cat also had play time daily with the family when we would wiggle a toy or the flyswatter for her. They all liked balloons for self-entertainment and rubberbands. Who knows why they like the rubberbands, but they didn’t eat them.

I would suggest blowing up a couple of balloons for the cat and then turning on a fan on low. Let the games begin!


Guilty as charged! I did use NFP to estimate my due date. :thumbsup:

There you go, get Kitty a playmate! Another cat wouldn’t take up too much space, would it? I can’t imagine they eat very much, either. :smiley:


Actually, before I got married, the cat lived with my wife. He had several playmates, namely, his “wife” and kids :wink: Then the family had to be torn apart…:frowning:

But unfortunately, our apartment is way too small for another cat…


Sounds like a good idea :slight_smile:


I’ve had a few “possessed” cats in my day. :smiley:

we’ve got one now that has a foot fetish. If you step out on the porch with no shoes on, this cat will lick the devil out of your toes. It tickles so bad!!! :stuck_out_tongue: If you let him keep doing it, he eventually starts to bite. If you are wearing shoes, he sniffs all over them trying to get to your foot.

I would think I had foot fungus or something but he does it to everybody. :confused:


Try mellowing him with a cardboard catnip scracher…they have them at walmart (so its cheap) and they can easily be slid under a unused corrner table space


#2–TOYS besides you and your limbs

I recommend a trac-ball, mini-tennis balls, those rasta hacky-sack ball thingies(you juggle with them–like little crocheted bean bags?) pingpong balls in the empty bath tub! <super popular at my house, a few rabbits feet, pony-tail scrunchies, rings off milk jugs, and with supervision ONLY–q-tips (I say that after a $400 vet bill for an intestinal blockage due to ingesting a q-tip’s cotton swab end!–also be careful with rubber bands, paperclips, bread wire twisties, and broken balloons!) Q-tips can be flicked by pushing down the center rod like tiddly winks and makes for hours of great play. K-Mart has a canister of catnip for about $5–it is the best brand (my cats hate Hartz brand for some reason!) but it comes with a pompom flluff in it that you need to watch kitty with because it too can be eaten. Keep all strings and floss and feathers put away after supervised play. one of those feathers on the end of a wand is also a popular game at my house. and I have a large cat who loves golf balls–he will use both paws to pick it up and toss it to me. watch out for bells and beaded ‘eyes’ and other things that can be ripped off and eaten. and post-it notes are the perfect size to make wadded up paper balls with—they love paper balls.

If you stop giving ANY attention–good or bad–when kitty bites you and just quietly give kitty a good squirt with the squirt bottle then walk away and IGNORE them, the cat will get the idea pretty quick. But to make it work you need to be fair and give kitty the proper kind of attention on your own terms.



The way to get a cat to stop a bad behavior is to squirt him with a squirt gun/bottle–I kid you not. Cats hate to be squirted with water, but it does them no harm.

The other thing you might try is making a very loud noise right next to him, such as dropping a book on the floor next to him when he does what you don’t want him to do. They associate the loud noise with the behavior after that, and eventually they will stop doing it. The same with using a squirt gun/bottle.

I am owned by 4 male cats. Trust me, I’ve “been there, done that.”


I suggest putting Holy Water in that squirt bottle to see if you’ve got yourself a devil there. :wink:

From Lady Francesca Wilde’s work on Irish legends, charms and superstitions.

There was a woman in Connemara, the wife of a fisherman, and as he always had very good luck, she had plenty of fish at all times stored away in the house ready for market. But to her great annoyance she found that a great cat used to come in at night and devour all the best and finest fish. So she kept a big stick by her and determined to watch.

One day, as she and a woman were spinning together, the house suddenly became quite dark; and the door was burst open as if by the blast of the tempest, when in walked a huge black cat, who went straight up to the fire, then turned round and growled at them.

“Why, surely this is the devil!” said a young girl, who was by, sorting the fish.

“I’ll teach you how to call me names,” said the cat; and, jumping at her, he scratched her arm till the blood came. “There now,” he said, “you will be more civil another time when a gentleman comes to see you.” And with that he walked over to the door and shut it close to prevent any of them going out, for the poor young girl, while crying loudly from fright and pain, had made a desperate rush to get away.

Just then a man was going by, and hearing the cries he pushed open the door and tried to get in, but the cat stood on the threshold and would let no one pass. On this, the man attacked him with his stick, and gave him a sound blow; the cat, however, was more than his match in the fight, for it flew at him and tore his face and hands so badly that the man at last took to his heels and ran away as fast as he could.

“Now it’s time for my dinner,” said the cat, going up to examine the fish that was laid out on the tables. “I hope the fish is good to-day. Now don’t disturb me, nor make a fuss; I can help myself.” With that he jumped up and began to devour all the best fish, while he growled at the woman.

“Away, out of this, you wicked beast!” she cried, giving it a blow with the tongs that would have broken its back, only it was a devil; “out of this! No fish shall you have to-day.”

But the cat only grinned at her, and went on tearing and spoiling and devouring the fish, evidently not a bit the worse for the blow. On this, both the women attacked it with sticks, and struck hard blows enough to kill it, on which the cat glared at them, and spit fire; then making a leap, it tore their hands and arms till the blood came, and the frightened women rushed shrieking from the house.

But presently the mistress returned, carrying with her a bottle of holy water; and looking in, she saw the cat still devouring the fish, and not minding. So she crept over quietly and threw the holy water on it without a word. No sooner was this done than a dense black smoke filled the place, through which nothing was seen but the two red eyes of the cat, burning like coals of fire. Then the smoke gradually cleared away, and she saw the body of the creature burning slowly till it became shrivelled and black like a cinder, and finally disappeared. And from that time the fish remained untouched and safe from harm, for the power of the Evil One was broken, and the demon cat was seen no more.


Are you by any chance the smallest or youngest person in the house?

Cats will often attack the smallest or youngest person (usually a child) because to them, that person is another cat. As you know, cats love to “wrestle.”

It happened in our house to our youngest daughter. She couldn’t walk anywhere without getting jumped.

Getting another cat will possibly help, but it also adds expense and work, and it may NOT help.

I agree with aversion therapy. A loud noise is a great idea. Cats are creatures of habit. Years ago, we had catnip bushes out in our front yard, and whenever I went out to get the paper, I would bring back a sprig of catnip for our cats. It’s been YEARS, but our cats still run to the front door and mew whenever I come in with the paper.

Good luck.


This is all good advice. Thank you :slight_smile:

My wife is out of town, and she’s smaller than I-so for now I’m the only target. But I think the cat likes to nibble on her more than me.

He also likes to get in dark enclosed spaces


I think your kitty is bored and just being a cat, playing as cats play. Since you say you can’t get another cat, try one of those “fishing poles” that has a cat toy suspended by an elastic cord from a plastic pole. Before I got kitty #2, kitty #1 wouldn’t leave me alone (she came from a home with 8 other cats!). When she would pester me too much, I’d get out the fishing pole and play with her for awhile. That would wear her out so much that she’d leave me in peace for a couple of hours. But now that she has a “little brother” to play with, she never bothers me at all – but she and the kitten wrestle and chase each other around the house for hours. They are so much fun to watch! Here are my “fur-kids.” :smiley:



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