My " Catholic bashing history teacher " Gone too far?


( I go to a CHRISTIAN school )

Mr. G asks "is anyone in here Catholic before we begin?’ I raised my hand high above my head " does anyone in here have Catholic family members " I’m the only one raising my hand. ( I NO IN THE MIDDLE AGES CATHOLIC"S WERE CORRUPT , that’s what were studying ) blah blah blah history until " Protastants belive IN THE BIBLE, CATHOLIC’S DON’T TO THIS DAY ) say what??? he continues LYING and HE KNOWS to my point of tears of anger and saddness and asking “should I be a Catholic anymore I’m so hurt that I want to break his laptop of notes” my bestie Ally comes around my chair and hugs me as I ball my eyes out because of this FOR 3 DAYS and he has the audasity to say “is there a problem” Ally goes “yes there is YOU ! you are the problem and you should be ashamed of yourself you lier, one more thing and i’m reporting you!!” the class all came around to hug me and I’M THE ONLY CATHOLIC IN THE CLASS ( i always do the cross at prayer time ) we ALL 36 of us walk out (the bell wrang) doing the sign of the cross and he yelled “don’t you dare to that cursed Catholic symbol in my classroom or sight ever again!!!”


Report the teacher, PDQ. He is a bully and is prejudiced to the ‘9th’ degree. Sounds like you have plenty of witnesses. Be at peace.


ok its a privite school & i don’t want anyone hurt or losing jobs


ok its a privite school & i don’t want anyone hurt or losing jobs


The said teacher needs a kick in the pants. Don’t worry about him losing his job. He asked you if you had family that were/are Catholics for his own self-protection thinking you had no one to stand up for you. If you don’t stand up for yourself then do it for some other Catholic that may be his next ‘victim.’


I’m not sure if any teachers would belive me I mean they take pride in the teachers he is a good teacher its my 3rd year but he hate this Catholic topic i don’t want him Fierd bc he is normally awesome and im still passing i don’t want in truble


He won’t get fired. He might get fussed at but I am sure he will come up with a cover story/excuse… but it will make him be at least aware that he overstepped his position. The problem with people who attack the Church…dodon’t really know the Church. There is corruption in all institutions including the Protestant Church. Stay true to your self and be at peace.


oh ok thaks… i 'll report it and bring my bff Ally


Ok, now you should find your pillow, dream good dreams and say a prayer for me as I will for you.


I said a prayer for you and put you on my morning rosary prayer list so now i’m hitting the rack thanks again :grinning:


He needs to lose his job. That was completely inappropriate.


You need to tell your parents what happened


I am assuming you are a minor, this is grade school or high school?

When your parents enrolled you in this school they would have been made aware of the “Statement of Faith” of that school. I would suggest that you speak to your parents and that they have a meeting with the administration.


That’s bullying behaviour. It’s completely inappropriate.

If he does lose his job, it’s not because you told what was happening. It’s because he did it in the first place. Did you put a gun to his head and MAKE him act that way? Of course not. He made the decision to behave badly. You’re doing the right thing to say something. What if he did something similar again only it wasn’t about Catholicism next time?


Exactly, this is for your parents to discuss not you.

The teacher may indeed be free to teach history as he believes it. Where he was out of line (I believe) was to single you out for public humiliation and to tell you not to make the “cursed sign of the cross.”

At the very least I would ask to withdraw from his class.


Agreed, I was going to say the same thing. I’ve heard of some really out there statements of faith, what type of Christian school is it?

I wouldn’t be surprised if instances like this happen at other private schools (Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, etc…) as well.


Have you told your parents about this?


10th grade and yes i told my family


yes i have


in general christian

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