My Catholic Training


Not sure if that’s the proper term…

As some of you may remember in my first post on the forums, I mentioned that I have chosen to become Catholic. I am happy to announce that I will begin my classes on the 14th of this coming September along with my sister and four others. What made me feel good inside was when the director of youth formation told me that since I came up and expressed my desire to be Catholic, he had at least two more people come up and say the same thing. He told me that I may have started a “chain reaction” and could indirectly bring more lost kids to the Church.

Also, in the time since I started my journey, I have received spiritual help and a rosary from my girlfriend, and a brown scapular (that I have worn since I got it almost two months ago). I have also had numerous moments where I would break into tears at random, but never did I feel depressed or sad during these episodes. Again if you recall, I mentioned having an episode just like those the first time I went to Mass. I don’t know what to make of this, though.

Sorry if it seems like I have turned the Spirituality section into something like a blog for me, but I thought it’d be nice to mention this to those who gave me advice when I first came here.

God Bless


Thanks be to God that you found His Church! Congratulations on your decision. Let us know how every thing goes during your journey.


WOW! we are so blessed to have you joining us, Ivory!**

I thank and praise God!

I will keep you in my prayers, bless you, Trishie


Yes, it’s always nice to know the story like this.
Thank you for sharing it.Praise the Lord.


Count on future updates as I start my classes. I am quite eager to catch up to what I’ve been missing out on for years.

And I had a quick question for you all, since I don’t think it warrants a thread. Is there another way to “wear” the scapular on your person other than having it around your neck? Reason being is that I have a particularly annoying sunburn from a trip this weekend, and I had to take my scapular off because it was badly irritating the burn. I still have it off, but I keep it close to me. Is there a way I could still keep it in my wallet or pocket everywhere I go and still have it count?

Thank you all.


Congratulations Ivory! You will be a gift to us indeed.

Please, do keep us updated, we are eager to know of your progress! As for the scapular, you need to wear it around your neck in order for the benefits to apply. Putting it in your wallet won’t do it, I’m afraid.

Keep us updated, and thanks be to God that you are with us!


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