my cd project

I’m putting a cd project together. I have long had the idea in my head, but recently the writer’s block has been removed and I really discern the Holy Spirit’s prompting and guidance in this.

It consists of sacred and inspirational melodies freely harmonized and arranged for solo classical guitar. For those of you that are familiar with the genre, this will not be the typical Christopher Parkening/Rick Foster fare of the same type. These arrangements are at times improvised and are sounding more folksy and bluesy than what either Chris or Rick has done.

I plan on doing the recording in a couple of all nighters at a local midtown parish, using the highest quality stereo condenser mic I can afford straight into a preamp and into a Mac.

1st question for all of you: I’d like to include a couple of Phil Keaggy instrumental solos. He’s not Catholic, but he is Christian, and seems fairly friendly towards Catholics in general. Is this cool?

2nd question: I’d like to include a couple of secular tunes that I find to be very inspirational and positive, and though not specifically “Christian” or “Catholic”, there is nothing contrary to the faith in them. Is this cool?

Your CD would be “sacred and inspirational” guitar solos, right? I tank then you can include whatever tunes you feel are inspirational along with those that are truly sacred. This kind of thing is done pretty frequently with Christmas Carols, so why not?

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