My Chat with the Head of the FBI about Clinton's emails


I wrote about a crazy time I had talking with the Director of the FBI about Hillary Clinton’s email investigation, and what came next. It was a faith-building experience!


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That was great :smiley: I loved the “anonymously famous” phrase; and the writer’s enthusiasm practically glows through the writing!


Nice story but we’ll need to wait and see.

Huma’s already been let off of other charges referred due to prosecutorial discretion by the DOJ. Whom you know definitely matters, and Obama is on record indicating Hillary is innocent.


Where did you lean about Huma?

I’m not claiming any knowledge of what happens next, only that God heard my prayers and let me know.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Strange. He told me differently when we chatted at Starbucks the other day. :wink:


Obama Justice Department Decides Not to Charge Clinton Aide Huma Abedin



Thank you for driving for two and a half hours, finding a seat, getting a dry mouth, and finally, for asking your question.

You are right. You were supposed to be there. :slight_smile:
Isn’t that amazing when it happens?


thanks for sharing! that is an experience to be proud of and remember!
Just from reading the transcript I think you did quite well. you said more than I would have been able to say! :thumbsup:


Excellent work. I am sure that was not easy.


Thanks everybody :slight_smile:


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