My children


2 of my children have come to me to tell me that they no longer believe in God. They are now calling themselves atheist. (sorry I don’t know where to post this thread)

My daughter was a true blessing from God and my son, I told him that I had consecrated him to the Lord. The two have gone astray. I’m trying not to worry to much about it. I believe that God loves them and He will lead them back home.

While I was at Mass this past weekend I listened and watched my son as he nodded off. God is this awesome being and his servants are putting my son to sleep. Mass is so boring, it even puts my husband to sleep.

I signed him up to go to a youth retreat. He was put on a waiting list… Pray that he will be able to go… I just don’t know anymore… He is so smart, still goes to Mass with us, but only because he is living under our roof.

I’m sad… I want God in both of their lives…


How old are your children? Where do you sit when you go to mass? Maybe they would be helped to pay more attention if they were in the front pew.


I am wondering how old your children are, as well. I’m saying a prayer for them and for your family now.:gopray2:


this is a hard situation…
well, I guess they are teenagers. try to find them a Catholic community, a choir or a prayer group, or send them on a trip with a catholic community. they’ll find catholic friends and it will make them stay in Church.
don’t lose your hopes, I also had an atheist period in my life, and so did my best friend, whose mother is a theologian.




I promise to pray for your situation…"…with God all things are possible"…no situation is too much for Christ and the Blessed Mother…love


First, I am praying for you and your children. Secondly, you don’t say how old your children are. Both my children (15 & 16) in the last couple of years have said they don’t believe in God. I thank them for telling me and asked them why. My son wanted to get more involved and we are working on that. My daughter just has a lot of anger and even more questions. We invited our associated pastor to dinner and explained the situation beforehand. She was able to ask and get answers to alot of questions. She also was able to connect to the priest and feel a little more invested. I hope this helps.


My son is 18 and my daughter is 24… They are both very intelligent kids and they question everything.

I told my son that I feel that I have gone wrong somewhere, he says it’s nothing to do with me or the way that I raised them, but everything to do with the way his mind works. I don’t know…

My daughter was into apologetics… She was the one that told me about this forum. She signs in as Akiliana. I believe that her life style at the moment is what is making her feel like letting God go. I don’t know… I too am very confused about what they are doing…


I’m sorry you’re struggling with this…

Questioning everything isn’t bad… it’s a sign of great intelligence.
I’d step up and do your research and spark up some true conversations with them.
WHAT are they questioning?
WHY do they feel this way?

Bring the catechism into the conversation… do your research so that you can have REAL answers for them.

At the same time… pray. Young adults are in great need of prayer these days. Start a devotion… maybe a novena?.. ask God to bring them back… He can work miracles.

God bless and good luck…


Two book suggestions - “Mere Christianity” CS Lewis & “The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel.

Those and lots and lots of prayer.


Emily’s right Jonah, your best help is prayer. Ask for prayer from your children’s Confirmation Saints, and also ask for Saint Monica’s prayers for your children.

I left the faith when I was 20, and returned when I was 34. Have patience with your children, and live the example. The best thing we can do for our fallen away loved ones is show them something they want to be a part of. Make them want to come back, with how you live your life in the faith. Deepen and strengthen your own relationship with God and the church. Such as how you say that the mass is so “boring”. Get involved in the mass yourself! Don’t be disheartened. You’re probably being called, so you just need to discern what that call is, and how you can respond.

You and your children are in my prayers, I hope the best for all of you.


my daughter is back! My son… well, he said if there is a God then he is very angry with him and doesn’t want to have anything to do with him… Aw geeze… :mad:


Wow! That’s great news about your daughter!! :wink:

Why is your son angry at God? :confused: HAve you asked him this? Keep on praying, hopefully he will turn around. There is a video on Godtube called Everything by Lifehouse that might help him see the error of his ways. :shrug: NOt sure though. It is a video that made me cry!! :crying:

there it is.


What a great video. It brought a tear to my eye :blush:


There was a time not too long ago when mass was boring for me, too. I went to Catholic school 13 years, questioned my beliefs many times as I got older. In the past few years I began to mature, and started thinking about my future family and future family and what I would instill in them. Somehow I came to find these boards and starting reading and reading on topics I wanted to know more about. The search feature was a good friend of mine. This board was giving me the “why” behind all the “rules and regulations” that were imposed upon me my whole life. People were able to explain things in different ways and I finally came to understand my faith. It’s sad that 13 yrs of Catholic school couldn’t do that for me, but my parents were not supplementing the important stuff at home.
Ask him what questions he has, and tell him it’s o kay to question his beliefs…he has to transition from it being his parents religion (how he was raised) into becoming HIS religion. Suggest this board to him maybe? The Apologetics subforum is very nice.


My son has many reasons for being angry at God. First and foremost I believe was the death of his grandmother. He said if God was true he would have healed her. His other rant is if there is a God why is there so much evil in the world… Why would a God who is suppose to be love create evil to tempt us and send us to hell? How messed up is that? And what about all the children that are suffering in Africa, where is there God?"

So I do my best to explain to him the God’s love and mercy, and he just can’t see God as Good, he says he is a menace with a lot of power and does nothing… I get scared when I hear him talk like that. I told him, “God is not a genie.” His response was, “He can fix it if he wanted to?”

God help us all… Please pray for my son Matthew…


There is evil, suffering, and death in the world because this is not what we (humankind) were initially created for. We were created for Eden. We, sadly, screwed it up over the promise of being “like God” (Adam and Eve).

Thank God, that is not the end of the story. All, ALLLLL things work to good for those who love God. It is God’s promise from the letter to the Romans. The good may not come until the next life, but so what. This life isn’t where “IT” is at. Only in the next life will we encounter what “No eye has seen, nor ear heard, nor has entered into the heart of man…”

This life is but a stepping stone. Ask him why, if heaven is better than the human mind can even fathom, he would want his grandmother to remain here. I tell people it is like we are at the Motel 6, but Granny has moved over to the Ritz. Be happy for her and rejoice…don’t wish she was suffering with you at the Motel 6. You can tell him that I have lost a grandmother as well, and two grandfathers, my sister to a car accident when we were teens, and a toddler son to drowning. I rejoice for my son, a pure saint, and look forward to seeing him again.

Anyway, here is a article on the problem of evil.

Keep praying. God loves the very hair on his head more than we can ever know.


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