My child's life is at risk; is this a moral procedure?

Hi everyone,

My daughter is pregnant with trap sequence (twin referral arterial perfusion) the baby has no heart or brain and in the medical terms is called a parasite because it get all it blood from the healthy twin and none from the mother. there is no chance of survival. There is a procedure that may be offered to cut the blood supply to the healthy twin so that the healthy twin heart will not be trying to pump blood threw the unhealthy baby as the healthy baby has a large chance of a heart attack if left attached. Please check the churches stance on this. They told us the baby stopped growing at 11 weeks and my daughter is now almost 15 weeks.

Dear friend,

I suggest that you contact the National Catholic Bioethics Center with this link:

You are in our prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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