My Christmas present


Hi everybody! I just wanted to share what my bosses wife is giving all her “funeral ladies” for Christmas…I had to go out and get one for my dh as well. It is a magnet for your car…

Here is a pic


I want one!!:bounce:


They are being sold by the K of C.


I’ve been looking everywhere for one of those! Does anyone have a website to order them from?


What are funeral ladies?


I love it! How can I purchase a few of these?


Saint Michael’s Media sells them:



The back door of my van is fiberglass and magnets don’t stick!! We found that out when we tried to put the “Student Driver” magnet on w/ teen driver #1. —KCT


Yes, what are they? My family and I used to be on the “funeral circuit” as we called it–attending funeral Masses of parishioners whenever we could (even if–most of the time–we didn’t know the deceased). Now with rowdy little ones I’m not too comfortable with showing up at strangers’ funerals just in case my kids’ noise might bother the mourning family.

BlestOne, that magnet is awesome! I’ll be looking out for one! :thumbsup:


Funeral ladies are those who make and donate food for funeral luncheons at my parish. We are divided up into teams and each team is assigned a geographic location. If someone dies in our “Area” out team leader will call and ask us to make a salad or dessert for the luncheon. I belong to 2 teams because my boss’s wife is a team leader and she calls me when her area has a funeral and my team leader calls me as well. You just can’t say no when the boss’s wife asks … kwim???


The KC’s are selling them… but they are also on ebay…

If you want a whole bunch (like 250) you can buy them at the main site: I suggest any scout leaders out there consider this for a fund raiser for next year!


Did you ever consider mounting magnets inside the back hatchback to be able to use magnetic stickers like this? Or you could also mount a square of magnetic tape to the back of your vehicle so you can just put it on top if that.


That is so great. What a blessing.


Doesn’t every parish have funeral ladies???


OK so I went to put this on my little Ford Escort… would you believe there is no place that is flat enough to put it on the car… geesh!!!:frowning:


Here’s a different style one that is colorful.

I have seen the logo that Blessed posted as a window cling. I saw it on a car but haven’t seen it in any stores or online.

At tha site I posted, there is a window cling of a nativity scene (scroll down) that is very nice, though.


Wow… Thanks, I might have to go measure my car to see if that one would fit…


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