My Church caught fire


St. Joseph’s in Sioux City caught fire and the roof caved in. We are so sad. It took such a long time for us to settle into a parish and feel comfortable. It is unsure as to wether it will open back up. The diocese is consolidating parishes and may decide our parish will not be rebuilt. It is a hundred and seventeen years old and very lovely. My parish could use some prayers.


I’m so sorry. What a sad day for your parish.


“dkoinzan” I’m so sorry to hear it. :frowning: Prayers for your parish and your priests. God bless you.


I’m so sorry to hear that. Prayers for you and all at your parish.


The news coverage of our little Church.


Aww, I am so sorry, dkoinzan. :frowning: I will keep you and your community in my prayers. God bless, my friend.


How terribly sad… I just said a prayer for your parish.


Praying for you and your fellow parishioners.

St. Joseph Church was built in 1891…

And such an historic building too! Good thing the seminarian was there to call 911!!


I read that in the news yesterday. I am so very sorry. Prayers for your parish.


I’m so sorry, I’m adding your parish to my prayers.


I can relate to your sadness. Four years ago our pastor announced he was being reassigned. A couple of days later, our 100 year old church caught fire and was destroyed. It was so hard to see the charred remains of the beautiful old church.

Everyone prayed hard and our pastor was allowed to stay on and help us rebuild our church. We now have a larger, more beautiful church. Our pastor left us a couple of days ago, July 1st, but we thank God he was allowed to stay and help the parish through this tragedy and the rebuilding process.

Don’t give up hope. Pray hard and try to see God’s hand in all this.

For us, the fire allowed us to build a much bigger church (which we needed so much). Because of zoning laws, we would not have been able to build a larger church from scratch, but since we were “rebuilding” a church, the laws allowed us to do this. This was God’s hand, clearly helping us in an unexpected manner.


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