My Church Endorsed a Political Party

The Pro-life Committee told me specifically who to vote for all the way down the ticket.

I might have voted that way anyway but I think it inappropriate and an abuse of the name of the Church for them to be partisan.

What y’all think?


A lot of pro-life groups publish lists of pro-life candidates as voters guides.

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This was more than a guide.


It’s not your church though, it’s a ministry of the church. It’s a little little different.


Was it signed or endorsed by your pastor? What do you mean by more than a guide? Obviously no committee of any sort has the power to force you to vote in a certain way.


Giving you information isn’t telling you who to vote for.


It listed candidates to vote for if I want to be a Catholic in good conscience.

Pastor did not sign.


I don’t see an issue here. The church should be more direct in its role as a shepherd.


It violates guidelines put out by the USCCB and dioceses, and very likely US tax law.

You should alert your pastor, not to get people in trouble but because they need guidance and correction. This sort of thing could get the parish in trouble with the IRS under current law.


Suppose it were the Social Justice Committee with the opposite party?

The Bishops put out guidelines for Faithful Citizenship. That is different. Aligning with a specific party seems out of bounds to me.


The pastor probably knows and approves but keeps his name off.


I think our church should belly up, pay the taxes, and be explicit in which candidates are acceptable.

But I do see your point that since this is a committee personal bias may be carrying day.

Can you post a pic of what was given out?

It’s still just an opinion of a group of parishioners.

I think it makes sense for a group that wants to push Pro-Life or Social Justice agenda to give a voting guide. That’s part of the group’s mission after all.

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Maybe Monday. I don’t have a scanner at home. But I might check the church website and see if it is there.

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You don’t know that.

You have a duty to let him know. And if he does know, you have a duty to let your diocese know.


You could bring this matter up with your Bishop if your Pastor is acting inappropriately.

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You could also just shrug it off.


Agreed. At this point, I’m growing tired of doing other people’s jobs and putting out their dumpster fires. :neutral_face:

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The “Pro -Life Committee” is technically not “your church”.

As someone said, it’s a ministry, and if laypeople are doing this, it removes it even farther from “your church”.

I have received a rather annoying pro-life voting guide (from the “State Pro-Life Committee”) stuck on my car in the church lot two Sundays in a row. I’m pretty sure the people doing it are the pro-life ministry here who are again laypeople. I just tossed it, particularly since I’ve voted already and I also vote in a different state than where this church is at.


Nope, trump made it a non-enforcement issue.

How does it violate the guidelines of the bishops? The Pro-life committee sounds like it is against intrinsic evils which the bishops are against

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