My Classmates Behave Impurely


I am a freshman at a Catholic high school. Some, if not most, of my classmates use innuendoes, talk about crass things, and use foul language on a daily basis for even the most mundane of sentences. On top of that, it seems as if no one really cares or believes in the Catholic Church and God. No one but the choir sings at Mass, and classmates ridicule the Church’s stance on ‘marriage’ as they’re being dismissed. It seems that wherever I hear anything, whether it’s the Seniors behind me in Health or the girl above me at my locker, someone is talking about sex, ridiculing the Faith, or cursing.

I am no better than any of my classmates. I do not presume anything, because I still have a beam in my eye. I am often tempted to do or say some of these things as well.

But it makes me very very sad because I am afraid that many of these people will grow up to leave the Church or maybe reject God althogether and not go to Heaven. Whenever I hear a foul phrase or word I make the sign of the Cross and say a quick prayer in my head for whoever is saying this, but I do not know how to bring the Word of God to children in a Catholic school, who already have religon classes and such and may find me dull or repetitive and not listen to me. In addition, I feel I may become Proud. Is it a sin to say these things?
Thanks to all who reply.

Wow! All that is happening even in Catholic schools, now! You’re kidding! I once helped out at a Catholic grade school, very short term. It seemed MUCH stricter. They weren’t even allowed to talk in the halls!

I’m so sorry that there seems to be no safe place, then, for kids today! Gosh!

We are in really hard times. All I can tell you is that I went to public school, and that was REALLY horrendous. There was little attempt to even control anything! So, this actually IS the better option, comparatively speaking! Sad!

I hear you, though. That was a public school, and this is supposedly a “Catholic” one.

It will not be easy for you to make it through this school with your values intact, then. I feel sorry for young people, today. It’s harder now than it was even when I went! You have my sympathy!

I’m concerned about you. How will you make it 4 years in a place like that with so many peers pressuring you to fall?

If you feel the need to pray for you classmates, please do. I can tell you that I was a typical high school kid. I did what these kids are doing. I am now 24 and I take my faith really seriously. Some may leave the church, some may come back to the church. Most kids in high school and college are at a rebellious stage in life and once they learn that they don’t know everything, they usually stop rebelling. I’m sure these kids know what is right and wrong, they just don’t care right now.

Bless your heart. Never give up being who you are, or standing up for what you believe! Prayer is the most powerful gift we have been given to help those we love and care about. You are teaching others simply by keeping true to God in your own faithful words and actions. Some may dismiss you, or even make fun of you, but I am here to tell you that you will have tried to set an example, and that it’s worth it. By keeping yourself in check and staying true to your faith, you will able to refrain from giving in to society’s norms.

Today’s society is so confused and “me” oriented. Now, anything goes as long as it feels good. People don’t have respect, consideration, or compassion for others like they did in my youth. Television and the internet have such a great influence on our young people, and Satan is surely taking advantage of that.

All you can do is pray for them, stay true to your faith, ethics, and morals, and when you have the opportunity, talk with them about living a more faithful Christian life. They will gain strength in the Lord just by being near you and watching you. If they don’t, your prayers for them will be heard, and then it is in God’s hands.

May the Lord be with you in your endeavor to stay strong and committed to your God.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blest is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

It wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve worked at High Schools and Middle Schools before! Teens will be teens I guess. I’ve herd teens using certain slangs all the time. Also, wouldn’t surprise me if you opened up a text book and found a drawing of something unsuitable. Just the fact that its a CATHOLIC high school wouldn’t change anything because today’s youth is connected to each other.

Lead by example.

Respect others and demand respect in return. Use modest speech, wear modest clothing, and encourage your friends to do the same.

Practice the virtues and expect others to treat you with respect and dignity. Set the bar high. Perhaps no one has ever challenged them to do better before.

1ke said it.

There is noting you can do about it but pray and like someone else already said, lead by example. It is a balance between trying to get along with others who use language and act ways that make you feel uncomfortable and not showing that you approve of it. You must try to let any bad language go in one ear and out the other.

Though I am currently working for a landscaping company, I am a Construction Laborer. That means that I have worked, do work and in the future WILL work with guys who cuss a lot, talk about inappropriate sexual stuff and other things. Just like it is common in high school, it is very common in The construction industry. All I can do is watch what I say and let what they say go in one ear and out the other. We cannot let ourselves be too sensitive to that stuff. It does not mean that we approve of it. Just don’t participate in it and shrug it off. People are going to say things and act in ways that you don’t want to see or hear in life. Sometimes coworkers will try to joke around with me by saying stuff that I don’t really want to hear. I might just smile and continue working. No need to get all “That offends me please don’t talk like that around me” Like I said, you need to find a balance. Just pray and then don’t think about it too much.

yes, this advice is right on point. And congratulations on living your faith since such a young age.

You are not the only one experiencing these things. I’ve experienced the same things you’ve experienced in High School, and continue to experience to a certain degree in college. And, I do not shrug most of this stuff off as easily as I should. This indeed can be a lonely and confusing time for you. But, you know, just like the other posters have said, there isn’t much we can do except pray. In addition, respect others and they will respect you. Sometimes, like Mother Angelica said, I wish everyone was crazy for God. However, sometimes there is a large gap between the way the world actually is and the way the world ought to be, even in a Catholic High School.

Do not give up, however. Stay on the straight and narrow. Continue to glorify and honor God in your life. Continue to suffer for the faith.

I’d say I am pretty much in the same boat. I go to a Catholic School as well, and what you are saying describes pretty closely what I’ve seen. It seems to me that many Catholic schools these days are treated primarily as private schools now. Religion is a class to them and not a way of living. I can’t say I’d offer much advice accept to be open to questions and be willing to try to find an answer to them. I feel that ignorance about the Church leads to apathy (though there are other factors), so while setting a good example is definitely the right course, be willing to learn about your faith and teach a little bit here and there to others.

This did not surprise me, as the Catholic school I went to up until 8th grade, most of the kids were the same way, 98% of the class could have cared less about the faith, God or being good christians, we were more interested in the opposite sex, parties, etc. As I grew up and went to public school, I found the kids at the catholic schools were actually worse than the public school kids, as we all partied together on the weekends, some of the catholic school kids were into some serious things before they even reached high school, the worst school was by far, a local ALL GIRLS catholic school, most of the girls who went here partied with us on the weekends, We were even surprised how wild they all were!! and this was back in the late 80s, early 90s, so Im sure it is much worse today.

When my generation was growing up, most of us were having our first sexual experiences around 7th or 8th grade, Im not stupid, so I realize its gets younger and younger as time goes by, but I often wonder what age kids are starting to do these kinds of things today? It is pretty scary to think about, but I guess it is human nature, plus Im sure the internet and all the things kids have today play a big part in what they do.

I think it all boils down to all the extra restrictions that are placed on kids in catholic/christian schools, and this leads to a much worse rebellion. You cannot force a kid to have faith and be a good catholic.

I know right!? I experienced the same “phenomenon”
It was exactly the same in my neighbourhood.

Funny how it works… :rolleyes:

First of all, let me commend you for coming here to talk about this. It speaks highly that you know you, and others, have a problem and that you want to do something about it.

You don’t say whether you’re a guy or a girl, but going by your username, I assume you’re a girl. That means you should always act like a lady. (And yes, boys should act like gentlemen too.) A lady doesn’t curse. When the right young man takes you home to meet his Mom, I am sure you won’t want to be using language like that in front of her. I am especially sure you won’t want to use language like that in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Now is the time to curb any foul talk. It will only be harder if you wait.

You said you do not know how to bring the word of God to children in a Catholic school. There are so many ways you can do that. First, by your own example. Second, by praying for others–which I am thrilled to see you are already doing. Third, you can volunteer for your parish’s CCD classes, either as a teacher or a classroom helper. You won’t be “dull and repetitive” if you let Christ’s Love shine through you for everyone to see.

Really we are all equal and all sinners. It is not their faults that they are like this, really. They just don’t understand. They think they are tough and ‘all grown up’ but it is a naive mockery of what I have heard goes on in public schools. it is not their parents fault either, I blame the secularisation of society. It is very very sad to see these children being mislead by the Evil One. :frowning:

I have been praying for them. It is very silly because most of them are older than me but I wish I could just protect all of them from this sin and such…make them understand how real and necessary it is to live our Faith, and this with people I barely know, if at all. I can only imagine how St. Monica could have felt when she realized that her son was leading an immoral lifestyle.

Thankfully my closest friends are not in such habits.

In addition, I just graduated 8th grade (Catholic) and no one in my class had ever had intercourse. People were asking what ‘date rape’ was when it showed up on a Diocesan Test.

There is so much filth and negativity out there in world today, especially targeted amongst young people, that is almost impossible to avoid it. But again, as my mother keeps reminding me over and over again, that the world can’t always revolve us, even if we have good intentions. But sometimes I feel so overwhelmed and sad and scared and angry, that I have trouble dealing with living in this world. But remember, we are all called to be in the world and not of the world. None of us are holier than thou. We are all sinners struggling to do God’s will. However, that should not excuse our sinful behavior. And one of the only things that we can do, as LaughingBoy pointed out, is to pray for our fellow human beings, that God may give them grace to overcome any weakness or trial that they may be going through, which might be the cause of their negative behavior. We will always face trials and temptations and annoying and irritable things through our lives, depending upon our state in life. But you, I, and all of us need to ask God for the grace to be persistant and persevere. Finally, we can always look at the cross for inspiration.

If your statement is true; I feel compassion for you as it sounds as if your spirit is trying to fight against the flesh nature and the enemy is encamped around you. I would pray in the name of JESUS the son of GOD for your protection and deliverance from the enemies arrows and the deliverance of your classmates from blindness and deception.

It genuinely sounds as if your school is led by a deceiving spirit, you might need to rebuke and admonish the leader and representatives for the welfare of your own and others, and fight the “good” fight.

Study the “word” of GOD and his son lord JESUS, and resist the devil and he will flee from you. If you are alone there by doing so, remember others out here many kinda feel that way to, but we have GOD and his son JESUS if we feel weak. Another important fact to understand and remember is that by being a true believer; a Christian is that you will be persecuted.

If you are true then may GOD give you strength in the name of his son lord JESUS CHRIST.

Praise be to GOD the heavenly father and his son lord JESUS CHRIST forever>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Good luck! my elementary catholic school-- was taught with the Sisters of St Joseph,
and the kids at my school were horrible-- and when i tolld my mother i could’nt find any good kids to hang with – she was clueless–

my high school was with the Brothers of Holy Cross-- and those kids were worse-- and i must say i was led astray – on occasion-- and when i asked them about some sexal issues-- in 10 th or 11 th grade-- they gave me this book from japan that talked about the variety of positions for sex-- i gave them the book back and told them that if i wanted to look at porn-- i can ck out my fathers stuff.

the problem with this as i look back was the lack of spiritual understanding and the limited effort of the religion class to do more than make the kids feel guilty-- and as an adult-- if you are trying to deat down a kid with guilt-- they will “tune you out”

the main thing is – you will be an “outsider” if you don not go along with the group of kids…

my most positive experience was when in college Jesus spoke to me and told me to go to a Bible college-- and there if found people of like minded ness-- and with a desire to worship God – and understand the bible–

and then iin that case-- my roman catholic family – then thought i was weird-- because i got baptised in the Holy Spirit-- – So it really never quits-- if you Follow the guidence of the holy Spirit–

it’s kinda like-- Benny Hinn-- who was raised Roman Catholic-- and for more than-- 30 years-- he has been in ministry-- out side of the roman catholic church–

There is one last thing I would like to add to this thread and then we can let it rest. It has to do with being both a good catholic and being respectful, be it in high school, in the real world, etc.

When Father Mitch Pacwa, the EWTN Priest, was in eighth grade, he had a fellow student who was known as the biggest trouble maker in 8th grade. And when the class went to mass one time, and when that delinquent student went to receive holy communion, some of the students whispered to each other " Did you see him receive communion?" Then, the religious sister, who was teaching the class slammed her hand on the Table and shouted, “HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE THIS PERSON!! For a person who has greater difficulty in living virtuous still had the humility to receive the body and blood of Christ!! Can you imagine what would happen if he didn’t receive Communion? I tell you this, HIS SOUL WOULD BE EVEN NASTIER!!!”

So, we need to realize is that the reason the kids are acting the way they do is because maybe they are going through some terrible things at home, or maybe mom and dad don’t love them anymore. or maybe their brother or sister is suffering from addiction, or maybe because they are hanging around with the wrong group of friends, their bad habits have rubbed off on that person. But, as followers of Christ, we are called to be perfect as His heavenly father is perfect. And this means showing others respect, regardless of their character or background. And, above all, pray that God might help them with any problems they are going through.

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