My Confession and Mass


This evening I went to Confession in another parish-it was a perfect experience for me, it is a very modern styled Church and I remembered disliking it last time I was there but this time I had a really different experience, the Sanctuary was done up beautifully and the Church seemed very attractive to me, there is a beautiful tabernacle (which is beautiful yet simple)- and I was so pleased to see a gorgeous large statue of Our Lady…anyway I am baffling.

I went to Confession and it was wonderful- I am a very Scrupulous person and I told Father that- he gave me good, quick and simple advice for that and my other sins and I believe and hope I made a good Confession and I always say the prayer in my Missal when I get home renewing my sorrow, giving thanks for being given another chance and especially because it pleads for God to sort out “any defects” in my Confession. I then stayed for Mass after my Confession and it was lovely to see so many people at the Mass of all ages- they had a large number of Ministers for Communion due to the amount of people- which is always a good sign when the Church is full!

I feel wonderful after my Confession and going to Mass I would like to encourage all who may need to go to Confession to go! It is such a beautiful and humbling Sacrament- I really hope and pray I made a good Confession- I had the right intentions and accused myself of all the faults I was conscious of at the time of my Confession and when I received the Absolution.

God be with and protect you all, thanks for all your advice and guidance I receive from you all on this site!


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That’s such wonderful news!


Going to Confession - as always, excellent advice! :love: And I hope that your anecdote will alleviate some people’s reluctance (fear) of this beautiful gift that God gave us.


I went to Confession today too, and I feel so much cleaner spiritually. It’s a great feeling! You really do notice a difference afterward. :slight_smile:


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