My Confession & Beautiful Ordinariate Mass at Westminster Cathedral Today


Today my sister and I went to make our Confessions at Westminster Cathedral and to spend the day out in London. I had seen advertised that the Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham would be saying a High Mass as part of the celebrations the Ordinariate are having in England at the moment…I have long admired Mgr. Keith Newton since the Ordinariate was created and was keen on going- sadly we arrived towards the end of the Mass.

It was a very strange day, the weather was muggy and I was very hot and “bothered” but to our amazement there was no queue for Confession (shocking for a Saturday and when there is such a huge Mass on, normally you have to wait at least 30 mins! and we were expecting to wait maybe an hour) normally you get a good time to pray and prepare yourself in the line. I have never seen it like that before and I was able to go straight into Confession. It was amazing to Confess in that beautiful atmosphere with all the beautiful music and crowded Cathedral (Confessions are heard during the various Masses which are being said all day long). I pay and hope I made a good and honest Confession, I wasn’t expecting to go in so quickly and it got me off guard but I know and trust in God’s love and mercy but I was so hot and sweaty, in a way when it is hard to collect your thoughts and to concentrate, but…I am so thankful for this grace and to be in a state of grace. I Confessed to the best of my ability, I have in the past suffered from bouts of Scrupulosity but I don’t feel that at all today and know that my “for these sins and any sins that have escaped my memory” covers me. I understand now it is my intention to make a good Confession is what counts!

After the Mass I was so honoured to meet the Monsignor and told him how much I admired the Ordinariate and that I had great respect for him personally. He blessed my Crucifix and I just felt over joyed that I was able to meet him and spend a few moments talking to him, I saw that the Ordinariate’s camera man took our picture so I may find it later through their uploads (although I probably look hideous as I was so hot). I myself used to be an Anglican and became Roman Catholic when I was 13 years old…I turned “bitter” towards Anglicans and Anglicanism because I could only see them to be in error and the reason I have so much love and respect for the Ordinariate is because through them I came to terms with the fact that I was “formed Anglican” and the beauty of many aspects of Anglicanism/ Anglo Catholicism which is now enriching and making more beautiful the Catholic Church in England. It is especially dear to me as I am so devoted to Our Lady of Walsingham, who is our nation patroness and the patroness of the Ordinariate.

I then walked around Westminster with my sister, amongst many things we visited Westminster Abbey which is beautiful and still looks so Catholic, it is amazing walking around London when you look at many of the old buildings there are Saints engraved and carved and it really rings home to you the Catholicism of England and the whole nation once was- we are still Christian and have many beautiful Christian Monuments.

I think it is important to remember and pray for the Ordinariate at this time when they are celebrating their foundation and bringing so many over to Rome…English style…I am referring to the personal Ordinariate in England although I know in American & Australia they are doing amazing work too!


I think the most miraculous thing here is that there was no queue for confessions at Westminster Cathedral. Never in all my days have I known there to be no queue … even in the middle of the afternoon on an ordinary working day there’s a queue!

Glad you had such a good day. I was also with an Ordinariate priest today, in west London. Fine fellows.

Happy feast day for Wednesday!


Yes my friend! I was also totally shocked, I have always gone there for my Confession and the line is always long! It was something I don’t think can ever happen again lol! It is amazing that so many people go to Confession but when you are in the line it is a different story!


I really believe that the Ordinariates are a great gift to the church. I was just a Buckfast Abbey beginning the new Diploma in the New Evangelization at the newly formed School of the Annunciation. The Ordinariate priest and his wife that meet with Ordinariate members for their own Mass on Sundays have no less than 10 children! That in itself is a huge witness to British society. So thrilled they had the faith to become Catholic.


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