My confession list got lost

I haven’t been to confession in 2 or maybe 3 years … I was good at one point about going but then the longer I waited to go again the longer my list got, and I also wanted to confess old sins and from a previous confession, which is s reason why I’ve been procrastinating.

Anyway, I had a long confession lost of everything I wanted to confess on my notes on my phone. I had two notes basically the same confession list but one was updated. Today I notifed both were gone! My other random notes were there still though, which is weird. I know I wouldn’t deleted them and I’m very careful about that and I don’t remember deleting it or accidentally deleting it. I don’t have them backed up and I called apple tech support and it didn’t help. I’m more stressed now about going because I had everything I needed to confess on that list! Iim sure I can re do my list but it was a long list and I don’t want to miss anything, and I also already deal with scrupulousity when it comes to confession.

If you deal with scrupulosity, your priest is the person to seek guidance from on the matter. And if you need to go, it’s better to go and be absolved in addition to having your priest’s advice than wait. (The priest won’t bite.) Just let father know it’s been a few years and tell him about your list so they know how to help you. Prayers be with you.

*noticed … Not notified

Keeping a list of your sins on an IPhone connected to the internet? Not a good idea. Spend some time, an hour is plenty, making an examination of conscience and then go to confession. Tell the priest that you suffer from scrupulosity. Don’t worry about trivial details or forgotten sins. Any forgotten sins will be absolved.

Please do a good examination of conscience. You can get a good guide on how to do a good examination of conscience online. Don’t delay going to confess as it could be a ploy by the devil to keep you from doing it. Don’t keep your list of ‘sins’ on a phone connected to the Internet as it could be hacked or stolen and as such fall into a wrong hand.

Asked the Holy Ghost to help you make a good examination of conscience and remember all your past sins. Thereafter, head straight to the confessional. Any forgotten sin after this will definitely be forgiven by God

Perhaps you were meant to lose it. Perhaps this is to help you with your scrupulosity. Perhaps it was for the benefit of the person behind you in the confession line or for the priest. Perhaps it’s a kick in the butt to get you to confession, and stop putting it off.

The validity of the sacrament doesn’t depend on your ability to remember all your sins. Do your best, and let it go.

I gather you haven’t gone to Communion in 2 or 3 yrs. either.( hopefully )

I think it’s still a mortal sin not to make your Easter duty,( Confession & Communion during the Lenten Season, ) so you can start with that when you confess to the priest, then confess all the mortal sins you can remember.

A written list is not a good idea…ever! :nope:

You don’t need a list. Just go to confession and tell Father that you can not remember everything that you may or may not have done over the past 3 years. Father will be glad to see you. He will know you are sorry just by the fact-effort-that you put in by showing up…Father will take it from there. Peace

I have finally planned to go this afternoon; Here is how mine will start, “Bless me father for I have sinned, it’s been over 50 years since my last confession…” I’m hoping father’s screaming won’t be too annoying to others in line…

I’ll be sure to mention CAF as a stimulator to returning!

I use a list. I keep my lists in a journal I use just for that purpose. A PP made a blanket statement that lists are never to be kept. I respectfully disagree. My spiritual director was fine with me using written lists and understood why I keep them. I am not scrupulous.

As for how long an examen should take I agree, in general, with the hour limit. A friend of mine has a disability that impairs her memory so she takes a few days to examine her conscience. When I did a General Confession 5 years ago I gave myself a week to 10 days to prepare.

The scrupulous should obey the advice of their confessor regarding both these issues.

Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to your mind all the wrongdoings you need to confess. At the end of your confession, you can say, “For these and all the sins of my life, I am most heartily sorry”, and that will take care of your forgotten venial sins.

Most priest do not care for long list or the time it takes to go through them, but if the priest is in agreement and it works out for the both of you, then so be it. Peace.

I have not taken communion in that long either.

If you happen to drop your list & someone picks it up they can approach you & blackmail you, if you have a sin there, say like adultery, or stealing. Maybe I watch too many Mafia movies…:wink:

Why would anyone keep a list? Unless they cross off the sins they have finally conquered. :shrug:

I can see the progress I have made in my spiritual life.

My sin is always before me - repetitive confessing of the same sins over the weeks/months show me where I really need to get to work on particular areas of my life.

Mortal sins are written in code. My venial sins are pretty much obvious to others in my life. Sins of Pride (superior attitude, bossiness, critical attitude), Gluttony, Sloth, etc., are sins that already affect my relationships not with God but with my neighbor, as well. Nothing worth blackmail but lots worth extra time in Purgatory.

A list written just as I want to say my Confession to the priest helps me stay on track and not stray into unnecessary details. Also, I’m determined to keep my lists to one page only - otherwise I could go on and on listing my venial sins as there are many.

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