My Confirmation Saint


I am am almost certain im going to chose St Pius X I already know a lot about him but I always love learn more do you have any good stories about him


Have you heard the story of when he summoned the modernist bishop who was misbehaving to his office?


I haven’t! Tell us!



There was a particular Bishop who was misbehaving while St. Pius X was Pope. He was notified of this, and summoned this Bishop to his office in Rome. So the Bishop went to Rome, and when he entered the Holiness’ office, he got down on one knee until the Pope instructed him to rise, as was the custom back then. St. Pius X didn’t look at him, or pay him any attention for 45 minutes, and made him stay that way all that time as an act of penance. After these 45 minutes were up, St. Pius got up from his desk, walked over to him and greeted him:

“Good morning your Excellency.”

Then, St. Pius swiftly removed the zucceto from this Bishops head and said:

“Good day Father.”


Yeah that one is my favorite


Are you sure he isn’t named St. Aloeicious, because that’s quite the burn.


i actually had to pick a something I liked about him worksheet on why i want to choose him and I chose that story


St. Pius X is one of my favorites. I was born on his feast day, so he’s a very special saint to me. He wasn’t afraid to tell people what’s what, but he also had personal piety and cared deeply for the poor. He was very grieved by the onset of World War I and his health deteriorated. I can’t help but wonder if he died, in part, of a broken heart.

He didn’t take any crap.

…he felt betrayed by the Russians, who did not ease the conditions of Polish Catholics. At his last public reception of the Diplomatic Corps, Pius X publicly told the Russian ambassador, Aleksandr Nelidov:

We will not accept greetings or congratulations from Russia, which did not keep a single promise to us and or to the Catholics in Russia.

As the surprised ambassador disagreed, the Pope rose from his throne and asked the ambassador to leave the room.[4][5]

Here he is on a horse:


Thats why I chose him he made the decisions not by what the people and bishops wanted but what was best for the church and what Christ wanted. He also came from a poor family which made him popular. Concerning the picture why is he on a horse?


I’m not sure. Maybe as there are popemobiles now…perhaps back in the day, the pope had a horse to ride if he wanted one? :joy:


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