My conscience...

A good christian

Just war
AC in church
LCD in church
The obligatory use of media to “evangelize”
The use of “media” by religious nuns and brothers…
Ecumenism “all Christians are the same”
Religious freedom
“New Saints” such as Dorothy day, Fulton sheen and John Paul II

Now this is not good, but it is prevalent nowadays…
The priest abuse sex scandal, these are with children…

I could go on and on…

This really drive me crazy…

God… Either for love of you…

Or I do not know you anymore…

Basically if what Jesus teach is is love, let me tell you what I think…

No AC or LCD in church. Be reverent mortify yourself with a little heat. And show some love for the virtue of poverty that the catholic church upholds.

No religious brothers or sisters are obliged or allowed to use the media because it is basically “the world they have left”. What about the vow of poverty.

They could download stuff, and violate the vow of poverty by " owning" the stuff they downloaded.

No priest abuse sex scandal for children. Priests are supposed to be holy.

No murders to moslem in holy land. Even if it happens, by the acts of some people, they are responsible for their actions, and the act itself should not be called just nor holy. And nor the people involved called “saints”, as in the case of* blessed urban II or st louis ix

Burial is done in a cave, closed with rock. Like Jesus’ burial, or Sara, Abraham’ s wife burial. Where the body would be laid, and decompose naturally to bones and dust.

No barbarous disposal such as burying the body underground or burning the body to ashes.

Catholic people at large should not be obliged to use the media to “evangelize” because they want to be holy and to avoid occasion of sins such as the computers, TV, etc. And such acts of obligatory use of the media should not be called holy nor saintly.

I do not know what is God judgements for people who have directly rebelled against he catholic church and create their own “churches”, " priests", such as the protestants and the Anglicans, and the eastern orthodox. But they clearly need to repent their rebellions against the hierarchy, and be in full communion with the catholic church.

And in no way is right, stating their “religion” is all the same, all Christians whether they rebel or not are the same and need not to repent their rebellion. I suppose this is leading people to error by letting people stay in their error or rebellion against the Catholic church.

If you dig deeper into the teachings of other religion, such as Islam, Hindu, or Buddha, you will be shocked how sinful their propositions are.

Buddha, basically claims himself to be God… He was once a “fictitious” male named Sidharta Gautama who meditated under the bodhi tree, and become divinized, supposedly. Now he is “god” to whom all Buddhists pray to.

Hinduism, have many gods and goddesses. One of the goddesses or the statues they adore is Siva. A supposedly woman with 8 hands, and many other scary statues they name and worship as their gods and goddesses.

Islam, basically is from the man called Mohammad from Arab, who wrote the kuran and claims himself to be a prophet after Jesus.

This cannot be, because all the prophets before Jesus such as Yeremiah, Ezekiel, etc are Jewish prophets. Basically when he claimed this in front of the Jews he was rejected right away because he was not a jew.

And for the claim that he was the descendent of Ishmael, it’s a lie, because Hagar, Ishmael’s mother was an Egyptian. So Ishmael would be half Egyptian and half Jewish, not Arab.

He wrote the koran, plagiarizing the bible with Adam, Abraham, Solomon, David, with altered names in it. And there is an account of Abraham and Ishmael in Mecca, talking. This is false because Abraham and Ishmael never were in Mecca.

I suppose Dorothy day, Fulton Sheen and John Paul II had done some good and commendable things.

Dorothy day fed the poor.
Fulton sheen always shows faith in Jesus by being a good bishop.
John Paul II forgive his murderer.


Dorothy day had had an abortion. She also have controversial political stance.
Fulton sheen appears in television, at times showing vanity and pride.
John Paul II, he just goes on and on implementing Vatican II which basically, tells all contemplative monastery to use the media to “evangelize”.

I really wonder what St Teresa Avila would think of her nuns using the Internet to be " holy" and to “evangelize”.

What about the vows of poverty.

These people, only God knows, I am not their judge… Perhaps they are forgiven by God, perhaps they are in heaven, who knows, but to me they are no saints. They are not role models. Especially their fault is clearly seen and people made too fast of a conclusion to call them " saints"

These might ruffle some feathers, but …

God, I just feel so lost… Sometimes I felt so alone having these views that is basically “against the church” but it comes from my own conscience.

Please be kind… because I am just so confused right now…

What is love? How do you define it?

Sometimes I push myself to agree with what the mainstream believe, such as the above, but I couldn’t do it because I don’t think it’s right…

I feel even at times, not to be “in communion” with the catholic church… All this because of my conscience.

I hope there are some good hearted people that answers me with kind words…

I do wonder about some of the things that seem to get pushed from some pulpits and perhaps this problem is particularly big in your locality as it has been in my localities on and off.

There is such a thing as just war, for civil rulers, but why was it mentioned and is something supposed to be implied thereby (except probably at a parish in proximity to a barracks)? In the case of some of these topics there may be a defective manner of explaining the context of why they are mentioned, or imbalance with disproportionate prominence (or its opposite) being given.

Perhaps some church organisational web sites lull Catholics by distracting overly much from the most core issues at the heart. The Church designates Scriptures of the day and the week and the effort at information can be hung particularly around the meaning of these like Pope Francis does.

Evangelising takes training that sadly perhaps few dioceses are willing to give, or signpost us to (when offered by private associations). There are also people stepping into the vacuum with “ready made solutions”. We need to think carefully about the nature of the content of how we come over. Evangelising is relational for one thing. And it will only come about with much communal interceding.

Personally I just like posting my views or “insights” (including my take on my ongoing relationship with God as I understand Him) and if anyone thinks them good enough, they are welcome to be inspired by them in a small way. I don’t take on myself the burden of representing any organisation. But that’s just me. Always having been at the fringes, I’ve never felt obliged to necessarily be pressured by various church institutions in random ways. God allowed me to be kept “hungry” so that I come and find out more out of genuine curiosity.

As for my dear protestant friends, who in as good faith as they can muster (albeit not very critical) inherited the rebellion of their spiritual forefathers 500 years ago against our hierarchy, I now think I for one ought to pray more for our hierarchy that some of its members will stop inadvertently “dumbing down” the faith and show in ever clearer fashion that it is part of a Church and faith worth resuming with.

The “Council” phenomenon got out of hand and the amount of issues it needed to deal wiith was smaller than those that got sucked into whatever ended up going on.

What does LCD mean?

If computers (“the media”) are somehow unholy, why are you posting on the internet?

Servant of God Dorothy Day repented from having an abortion.

Also, here’s an analogy for the media: a ton of sinful stuff happens on the highway every day, but we don’t have to stay away from the highway. The fact that sinful things are done with something doesn’t make the thing itself sinful if it wasn’t designed expressly to do those things.

Benedictine monasteries, for instance, can still have all the equipment they need for whatever trade they practice, but no individual monk “owns” it.

You sound as if you’re really struggling. I know how it feels to struggle with issues of conscience; I’ll pray for you.

Do you really have a problem with air conditioning in a church? What about heat? Is that OK? Electric lighting? Could you not “reverent mortify yourself with a little” cold or just be satisfied with the light God gave you coming in the windows.

Just war is way older than the “War on Terror” or the Gulf War. You’ll find venerable theologians such as St. Thomas Aquinas devoting pages to the topic.


A problematic issue, but in many countries, we’re simply running out of grave space. My late great-aunt’s religious order is now forced to bury their nuns one on top of the other, like a tin of sardines. :frowning:

AC in church

I’d love to have that, especially when it hits 40 degrees Celsius in summer. I should be so lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

LCD in church

Not a fan, but it can help if you want to get everyone singing the right words or using the right responses.

The obligatory use of media to “evangelize”
The use of “media” by religious nuns and brothers…

You might want to read the Decree “Inter Mirifica” issued during the Second Vatican Council. Interesting stuff. Pope Pius XII was also quite interested in using the media for evangelization.

Ecumenism “all Christians are the same”

The Church does not teach that, even today. Read up on “Dominus Iesus”.

Religious freedom

Believe me, I’d rather have that than be a slave to the secular state.

“New Saints” such as Dorothy day, Fulton sheen and John Paul II

Only the last of those is a Saint.

Now this is not good, but it is prevalent nowadays…
The priest abuse sex scandal, these are with children…

A grave evil, but the last two Popes have been dealing with it quite proactively.

I could go on and on…

This really drive me crazy…

You’re not the only one. Christ said His yoke would be easy and His burden light. He never said “No yokes and burdens for you guys, take it easy!” :slight_smile:

Faith, hope and charity. These work wonders. :thumbsup:

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