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Please pray for Trinidad and Tobago. Political and social unrest as well as racial activism is on the rise in my country and we need all the prayers we can get in these times. Trinidad was named after the Holy Trinity and has always been predominantly catholic.

Recently we have had many murders and certaian groups are lobbying to legalize abortion and force the government to accept the gender policy (where there are 5 genders instead of 2).

We need your prayers.


I will keep your beloved country in my prayers :gopray: You know, it is sad, the U.S. is so close to you, yet I see nothing of what is going on where you are in my news :frowning: And with my shortwave reciver not working, I am not able to keep up with the international news as I would like to.


Thank you Dirk :slight_smile:
I was wondering if anyone would see my post in the sea of prayer intentions out there. Yes it is a shame. You can get news and talkshows for trinidad here: (below the section Listen Live). You can get news from our local newspaper online:

I welcome your prayers!


My prayers for you and your country.

(5 genders? Would you consider starting a discussion elsewhere for this? I’m intrigued to know more.)



I will pray for these intentions.


Will keep Trinidad and Tobago in prayer…


Praying for you.


Will gladly offer this up at my next rosary




Prayers for this beautiful country. May God guide leaders and bring respectful laws of nature and civility to this troubled area.


:gopray: :signofcross:


I have a friend in Trinidad, and have yet to hear from him for many years. I hope he is well. St. Rose of Lima has been put into motion…


I will pray for your country.
And offer a tip :thumbsup: : pray the rosary, start a rosary movement. First begin with your parish, gather your parishioners once a week for prayer and spread the rosary. Mary has always been very merciful towards my country because of our loyalty to the holy rosary.




I pray for Trinidad and Tobago, that this nation might find peace in the Lord and have recourse to Him in their time of need.

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