My Crazy Dillema


I’m in a really confused state about religion. I was raised Hindu in a Hindu family but once I realized that there was no evidence for the Hindu gods, I became more of an agnostic. Now I believe there is a single God after looking at the arguments but I’m not sure if it is the Christian one or not. All the hell stuff in Christianity has disturbed and terrified me greatly and I’ve discussed with my parents about this. They’ve said to just do the right thing and not worry about religion. They don’t want me to search up anything religious anymore but it is just too much of a problem for me to stop (even though it has lessened greatly and I try to obey them). Is posting here a mortal sin for disobeying my parents? I start worrying about whether all kinds of things are mortal sins and it’s driving me crazy. I don’t even know if Chrisitainity is true or not though I believe the most reliable way to figure out is to study the reliability of the Bible, arguments for God’s existence, and miracles (mainly Jesus’s resurrection). I’m only 15 though so I’m too young to really get it. I’ve also been reading about credible scientific evidence for the afterlife in Spiritualism so maybe that is true.
This has all had a pretty horrible development on my simple happy life but it just might be necessary in some way. What should I do?


You write remarkably well for being just 15 years old.

I have had the same feelings for years, just not really knowing or understanding who or what to believe.

I’m going through some personal pain and stress right now (daughter on heroin, mother died suddenly) so I will try and write later.

What a beautiful time, though, for you to be seeking Jesus!


Thanks. I’m not specifically seeking Jesus, but if I find that Christianity has the most reliable evidence, then I will become a Christian. I hope you can help your daughter.


I’ve been your shoes before.

not quite Hinduism but I was also confused.

but this is what it came down to for me. I know there is a god, because there are just too many events in my life that prove so

and I know it’s the crhistian God, because he is the one who proved his love by sacrificing himself for us instead of simply demanding things from us.

and I know the catholic church is the true one because she was given the authorityby Jesus and has been present since the beginning.

I know you can’t just take it at face value just because I say so, so I encourage to do your own search, yes it will be painful, yes it will be confusing but I think you will find what you are looking for

god bless you on your journey. i’ll be praying for you


Thanks. I want to search it myself but I feel like I won’t be able to understand everything since I’m too young for this. I’ve read conversion and deconversion stories that was from studying the evidence of Christianity but both sides seem to have good arguments.


I will pray for you. Be at peace. Ask God to lead you by His Holy Spirit. You are not sinning by seeking God. You could start by reading the Bible or YouCat. The Youth Catechism tells us what we believe. The Bible tells of our Salvation History and the Life and Death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who suffered and died for us.

Jesus was a real historical person who was completely God and human at the same time. He took the form of man so he could come to earth to save us and bring us to heaven.
If you know Jesus, you will know peace. Ask Him to come into your heart. Feel free to ask any questions about faith that you might have on this forum. Or if you prefer, a Catholic priest will be glad to help you.

Someday you might want to take RCIA, a free, no obligation course on Jesus and the Faith offered by the local Catholic Churches.

May Our God bless you abundantly.


Stay far away from spiritualism. It very evil
and extremely dangerous.


I’ve been Catholic my entire life and I still don’t understand everything and I frequently learn something new.

Get a copy of the YouCat. Ask questions on this site. Keep seeking answers. And let God continue to lead you.

While I know it’s frightening, what an awesome journey you are on!!!


Have experienced any dangers with it? I’ve read that it is dangerous for inexperienced mediums but safe with professionals.


Spiritualism is not true and Mr. Zammit has no real scientific proof what he says is true; he is trying to sell books and videos on what HIS idea is of the afterlife. Try and find an adult convert to Catholicism from Hinduism or a Catholic youth minister who can answer your questions. You are correct, the find the truth you must go through this period of confusion and darkness, but keep looking, the answers are out there and you will find them.


In answer to your question, Spiritualism, or the attempt to talk with the dead and communicate with demons is extremely dangerous. This practice is condemned by God in the Bible and by the 1st Commandment. Also, many modern and ancient books/texts have warned against it. It is a grave sin to conjure up evil spirits and ask them to predict the future.
It can open a door to many bad things. It is never “safe”.

When God prohibits something, it is for our own good. It is because the forbidden object may appear desirable, but in actuality it is harmful to us. God wants what is best for us.

Happy Easter.


The toughest thing for you to understand might be that a big part in believing in Christ is that we should rely on our faith, and not be searching for scientific proof. Defending accusations against the faith, though, is a separate story.

A big section of this forum is apologetics, so you definitely have the freedom to ask any questions you have on the faith here if there’s something that doesn’t add up for you. What this does is help you dispel any doubts that something the Catholic Church teaches is incorrect; the ultimate decision of your belief is up to you, but try not to be looking for anything that says “science shows that this religion is the right one”. I will definitely keep you in my prayers, and I hope that you come to appreciate the faith; good luck, and God bless! :thumbsup:


(P.S., another big part of Catholic faith is that while children under our parents, we are called to an obedience to our parents, so try to stay away from disobedience. Best wishes in getting through these difficult times!)


Posting here is not a mortal sin, since all you’re really trying to do is to find the truth, and that’s what religion should be about.

You’re also at an age where you are going to be searching for answers. Quite often the track we take as teenagers determines the course of the rest of our lives.

Despite saying that, becoming a Christian is not an intellectual exercise, although God’s given you a brain and expects you to use it. To become a Christian, you need the witness of the Holy Spirit, since only God can call you to Christ.

The following extract is from the Catholic Catechism.



687 "No one comprehends the thoughts of God except the Spirit of God."7 Now God’s Spirit, who reveals God, makes known to us Christ, his Word, his living Utterance, but the Spirit does not speak of himself. The Spirit who “has spoken through the prophets” makes us hear the Father’s Word, but we do not hear the Spirit himself. We know him only in the movement by which he reveals the Word to us and disposes us to welcome him in faith. The Spirit of truth who “unveils” Christ to us "will not speak on his own."8 Such properly divine self-effacement explains why “the world cannot receive [him], because it neither sees him nor knows him,” while those who believe in Christ know the Spirit because he dwells with them.9

So your starting point is to ask God to make Christ known to you, through the agency of the Holy Spirit. Just ask, and keep asking.

Unfortunately Hell is real, whether we like it or not. But so is heaven. That’s the flip side of the coin.

You need to find Christ first, and then go on from there.


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