My Cycle is getting thrown off!


So here’s the deal, I spend time with 2 different women who for the last 4 months neither has gotten their periods. One is a lady i work with and she’s always had problems and the other is my SIL who just came off BC last year and her cyle has been irregular.) (we live 3 doors away from each other in the same apartment building)

Well now i am 2 weeks or so late (There is NO chance of me being pregnant…), i remember in college when i had a roommate we used to get our period on the same day…so can this work for not getting it?

And how do i get it back on track…this is driving me crazy:)


Yep, it sure can.:yup:

I have no idea:shrug:

Sorry, I just know that it happened to my sister and me. I was staying with her. But when I went back home, I was fine.


Could you move in with someone that was regular?



(I only ask because your answer may help us to respond to your question more constructively)

BTW, if you wanted to, you could start tracking your fertility signs (cervical mucous, basal body temp). I find this usually helps me predict my period, even if it is delayed by stress or the presence of other women.

Otherwise, maintaining good health through balanced diet and regular sleep habits are the best way to keep your body from getting too wacky. Exercise helps too.

Just make sure you eliminate the possible factors. Spending time around other females with wacky cycles isn’t the only thing that can throw you off. :slight_smile:


Actually I would love to get away sometimes but I don’t think my husband would appreciate it:)


It’s driving me crazy because of instead of having PMS for 1 its been for 2…Also i chart temp, and use the ovulation predictors which is why it should of been only a week late…Stress i have that all the time (mostly from work) and my period has been mostly normal…


The answer is a test in which your saliva is collected about every other day. The circulating hormones are detected and then it can be ascertained which hormones need to be supplemented with natural foods, herbs, vitamins, etc…

The kits can be gotten from your doctor or from Diagnos-Techs Inc.

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