My Dad and the non denominational Church

I am Catholic and my Parents are also. We’ll one of them is enticed about his girl friend’s non denominational Church. The parent tell others about how it is neat and you can drink coffee in the Church. The Parent tells me that they do communion at the Church. I know it is not valid from a Church’s understanding. I ask him about purgatory and he agrees with it. My Dad says he doesn’t get much out of the Catholic Mass. He used to ask me about joining the youth group there and I just got a super bad feeling like me wanting to out of the Church. I think he knows that I am Catholic and that is the way it is going to be. My Mom is quite aggravated by his trying to get me go to the non denominational Church. He attended Mass with me the other say so that was good.
I am interested in hearing all your comments
Thanks and
God Bless.

Well personally i think that as long as you believe in Jesus and repent of any and all sin, ie turning from it then if your parent gets his message from God in another place so be it. A church is more than a building its a person or a group of people. Jesus said were 2 or more are gathered in #His name then so He will be also. So go along with your dad and encourage him to find salvation in the Lord. Abraham managed to please God without ever attending a church and even the early believers met in each others houses and worshipped there. God looks at the heart it doesnt matter were he chooses to worship as long as he accepts he is a sinner and is saved by grace through faith in the Lord and nothing else. Hope that helps.

ps im not saying you should leave the church but if the pope can worship in other religious buildings other than the church you can too but that doesnt mean to leave the church just that you can still and should go to mass but you can also go to a youth group and share your faith with others.

God bless.

You are totally off base with your comments. He should be encouraging his dad in his Catholic faith, and he should not join a youth group in the non=denom church. :frowning:

Yes 2Ephesians , youre posted as a Catholic but your comment and language was entirely Protestant as well as your misinterpretation of 2Ephesians 8-9. I don’t know if you are just a young person who is just confused or a Protestant posing as a Catholic trying to confuse people but either way your comment while sounding nice was just wrong.

First off all the OP never said he didn’t have salvation! You assumed that. He said Dad was not getting fed. There is no better way of being fed the life of Jesus Christ than in the Catholic Church during the Eucharist. The task for you Stephen (OP), is to ask your Dad why he isn’t being fed if the very presence in Christ is at every Mass! You cant be fed better than the real presence of Christ , even over coffee in the sanctuary, a real stirring sermon by the nondenominational pastor and EVEN a real kick butt Christian rock band! His only excuse and yours as well Ephesians 2:8-9, is that he doesn’t accept the real presence of Christ at the Mass. And if that’s the case you can ask him why he doesn’t if the earliest Church Fathers , those following directly from the Apostles themselves, clearly taught and believed in the Eucharist because that was the earliest Tradition and literal interpretation of the Bible.

If the OP is a minor, which is the impression I get, then he is in a rough place, as he does still need to honor his parents, unequally yoked though they might be.

I think you should not attend the non-denominational church as well. (except for many a special event now and then like a Christmas concert of something.) If you dad pressures you, explain to him why you love your Catholic faith and the blessings of the Eucharist which can’t be found any where but in a Catholic Mass. Pray for your dad as well.

So you are a universalist rather than a Catholic?

church is not the place for coffee - after the service or Mass is over…yes.

Does your parish offer a youth group? I’d join it so you can be busy and not be pushed into the one at the non denominational one. How about adoration times for teens? I’d start going to adoration during anything scheduled at the non denominational church.

Are you the only Catholic in your family or is your mother also Catholic?

I totally agree.

Mine does I think it partners with the other area’s. My Mom is a Catholic. I am trying to get her more involved. They have adoration on Friday but, not 24 hours.

I am sad when I hear a Catholic say they don’t get anything out of Mass.

The Mass is heaven on earth!

A bit of study and pondering the awesomeness of the Mass and Eucharist is in order.

We get out of the Mass more than we put into it! We need to pray, ponder, and adore.

We don’t go to Church to be entertained, but to enter more fully into the Mystery of Christ’s love!

there is no such thing as a non-denominational or Protestant “church” There is only one true church, the one Jesus started when he gave the keys of the kingdom to Peter. The Catholic Church is it. Anything else is a man-made version of the church. All those others are ecclesial communities.

My sentiments exactly.

The devil is the father of lies so to the poster that says im posing as something im not i would rebuke you.

find the mass boring?? not unusual

ck out the former past comments

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Default Husband finds church boring
I read through a few threads where one spouse was wondering how to get the other spouse to go to church.

My husband finds church extremely boring and therefore dosen’t go to church. This would not be an issue if he were spiritual at all.

He believes in God, but doesn’t pray or read his Bible. Let me also state that his is not Catholic, but was raised Baptist.

I have known this since we were dating, but I have felt a pull on my heart more in the last couple of months to try to get him to be closer to God. I would like him to attend church with me as I believe it would bring us closer, but that is not a necessity right now. And, even though there are multiple reasons why I do not want to convert to another Christian faith, the one that is most prominent in my mind is children. We currently do not have any children, but are planning to in the future. We have discussed their schooling extensively and both agree that Catholic schools are the direction we want for our future children.

Has anyone ever had the same experience?

How can I motivate my husband to want to attend church,

either a protestant denomination (sp?) of his chosing or with me at Catholic Mass?

Why is the Catholic Church’s Mass so boring?
No atheist answers, I don’t criticize you, don’t criticize me.

I’m Catholic, & I just feel really bored at Mass. I

went to a Presbyterian Mass today and it was SO much more entertaining! The minister was so alive, the music just flowed through you, it was surprisingly FUN & for a teenage girl like to me to say, that means something.

But when I go to church, its boring. The priest is lifeless, the music is sad, & it just seems like no1 is happy there.

Why is it like this? Why can’t the Catholic church have more praising & preaching lik the Presbyterian Church & other religions do?

Do you think I can go to my pastor & ask him about this? Try to make mass more, “modern”?

4 years ago

Good --luck-- in finding a catholic church – with a priest hhat gives a inspiritual homy

You aren’t wrong, but I think it’s a little petty and off topic to gripe about now. The general population calls them all “churches” and we all knew what he meant. In addition, “non-denominational” is long enough without adding “non-denominational ecclesiastic community”.

I agree with most of the posters above.

My own personal experience was, in the end, not favorable in searching or going to other churches. I am a cradle catholic and was very involved with my parish until college. Youth group and retreats and choir kept me pretty involved. I was invited to a non-denom and decided to go with some friends. The music was great and the preacing was all good. I still stayed involved in my catholic faith but went to this other church too. After all, I would say, “it’s the same God right?” Well, yes it is but as I went and talked to different people they would begin to make me question the catholic church. There is a lot of anti-catholic bologna out there. Because I was so young, I found myself questioning everything and it brought a lot of doubt. The music was great and the fellowship was good too and when you are young, having fun and not being bored has a huge appeal. I am sad to say that I continued my doubts and basically stepped away from my faith. It didn’t happen overnight but I think those doubts from other people kind of made it easy to just not go anymore to mass. Then there was college and jobs and well…even though I never left the faith entirely, I just didn’t go to mass. I got my faith back a year ago and finally went back to confession and am receiving the Eucharist again. What a joy!!!:smiley:

While I think educating yourself about other faiths is fine, going to other services outside the catholic faith did not work for me. It made it easy to just go for the “fun” and the “bling”, so to speak. What is ironic is that the truth of the catholic faith has more “bling” anyway :smiley:

I would expect anyone who is Catholic to agree with you; those who are not Catholic might not agree with you.

I have heard that if you find Catholic Mass boring don’t blame the Mass, blame the person you see in the mirror!

LOL…I actually never found the mass boring, I was referencing an above poster. I do hear people say the mass is boring and I find it an interesting comment. I never went to mass to be entertained but many young people are drawn to entertainment so maybe that is the reason we hear the comment so much. They want everything in their lives to be entertaining :shrug:

My wife goes to a different church. It is a mega church with the very loud live music played by professional musicians, warehouse look, no pews but chairs and she carries her coffee. About four times a year, I attend with her. It is all I can do not to crawl out of my skin. The loud music in that warehouse looking place bounces around and is disorienting to me. I have no tolerance for dodging other’s coffee and as far as I’m concerned, it’s the furthest thing from worship I’ve ever seen.

My wife is happy there and frankly confused about me spending time at the Catholic Church, though accepting of it. I’m okay, she’s okay.

This young person is in a difficult situation. Logically, it will probably be necessary for him to visit that church from time to time. It’s his father and it would be rude not to visit. All I can do is pray.

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