My dad found two lumps


… behind his neck. Please pray that this is nothing serious. He will see the doctor this week.



Please let us know how it goes.


Praying for your dad. :gopray:




:gopray2: I am praying.


Praying for your father.


Keeping your Dad in prayer…




Praying for your dad.Let us know what the results are.




Will be keeping your father in my prayers.:gopray2: :crossrc:


I will include you and your father in my prayers at Mass this morning.


Will pray for your father at mass this morning.


The doctor’s visit is tomorrow, but I’m sure they will have to wait on labwork.
Thank you for your prayers, everyone. I’ll certainly keep you all updated.




Prayers for your pop - you got it. Prayers that his medical team can resolve the issue quickly and return him to continued good health.


:gopray: Praying for your Dad. :signofcross:


St. Peregrine has already had his ear bent…and I bend his ear often…my father has prostate cancer. Lumps are like farts. Nobody want it, and nobody talks about it once it is in the open. Somrtimes it can be a clean return…I hope it comes back benign…like a poot.

Keep your father close. Even when I joke, I try to joke to ease my own stress. I do know it is unsettling. We are here for you. Sorry if I was obtuse.


I will pray for your dad.


your post made me laugh, meanolemelissa.

The doctor thought it appropriate to try antibiotics first, believing they could be something akin to folliculitis (infected skin follicles). If they don’t go away, he’ll have to follow up with a biopsy.


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