My Dad's Ok with everything now!


I just want to tell you all how happy I am!! Some of you may know that my father is a United Methodist Minister and was not very happy when I decided to become Catholic. We’ve not really talked about it at all. Anyway, I’ve been going to Bible study and the leader is my old dentist. We were talking and he told me to say hi to my dad for him. I debated on whether or not to but I did this morning and we finally talked about it and he’s ok with me being Catholic!!! I’m so happy and its like a weight lifted from me. I don’t feel like I have to sneak around with it anymore, which I know I shouldn’t have felt but I couldn’t help it!!

I just wanted to share my joy with you all!! :slight_smile:


Thats great! I always hated that feeling when my mom or dad was mad at me about something.


Wonderful news!!!


God bless you! Thanks for sharing the update!


Many of the dragons that terrorize us aren’t even real! Congratulations.


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