My Daily Bread Book - Confraternity of the Precious Blood

In spite of having bought this small devotional book in a Catholic store, I came across forum members in old threads asserting that it’s anti-Catholic because RBC Ministries, an Evangelical group, produces it, and their “My Daily Psalm Book” cites the KJV in its passages.
Is anybody familiar with these two books?


I have “My Daily Psalm Book,” and I can confirm that it’s the Douay-Rhiems translation. It is very Catholic, and you have nothing to fear reading it.

This is a confusion between “Our Daily Bread” - which is RBC Ministries and My Daily Psalm book (which is Catholic). :slight_smile:



Wait, what? I have a copy of “My Daily Bread” and it seems thoroughly Catholic. It is written by a Jesuit and published by the Confraternity of the Precious Blood whose history page describes a thoroughly Catholic organization. Where did the Evangelical Christian ties come from?

RBC Ministries’ production seems to be called “Our Daily Bread” and has no relation to “My Daily Bread”.

'Zactly! :thumbsup:


MY/OUR. Epic fail. I’m crawling back to my cave.

It’s ok. Now you have no doubts atleast. :smiley:


No, just a natural human mistake.

It’s all cool and counts toward your penance.


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