My Daugher is considering the Pill for her Periods


My daughter called me tonight from college. She asked me about taking the pill for her horrific periods that she gets. They last 4 days and nothing is helping to relieve the pain. She takes 4 midols at a time, heating pads and hot showers, but nothing is making a difference. They seem to be getting worse and worse.
She is not planning on having sex until she is married. We talked about how this could lead to promiscuity and how it can make her feel not so good as well. But, what can she take? of Do? I had the same periods like her when I was her age, and I did go on the pill.I went off them years later when they were making me feel terrible and I learned how it could make you miscarry. I was ignorant. Plus, we want to follow our faith.

So what can she do?
Any suggestions. I will call my doctor tomorrow, but I’m afraid that he will give me the Pill solution.


I don’t know whether the Pill is permissible or not under these circumstances, but is it possible that your daughter may be suffering from endometriosis? This is a condition in which fibroid tumors or other tissue may cling to the inside or outside of the womb causing severe pain especially during periods. She probably ought to consult a doctor and have a thorough exam. This condition can be treated, possibly without the Pill as the Pill can have serious side effects. A friend of mine suffered from very painful periods and was diagnosed with endometriosis. I can’t remember what the treatment was but I don;t think it was the Pill, some other medicine, I think. My prayers are with her. God bless you.

PS. The Pill has been known to cause “breakthrough bleeding”, meaning that bleeding can occur between periods and without warning, sometimes accompanied by cramping similar to that experienced during a period.


This was a long time ago for me…but when I was a teen…some of my friends went on a “mini” pill…it helped with cramps but was not for birth control since it did nothing to prevent pregnancy. Perhaps that still exists.

Also, there are so many negative side effects of the pill…that I WILL NOT put my 16 year old daughter on it for her bad cramps. What does help her, and this was prescribed by her doctor…is an anti-inflammatory drug…which has no side effects…

Just stuff to consider…


Since this is for a medical reason and not as contraception it is permissible. However, I would suggest your daughter see if she can get a better diagnosis and get to the root of the painful periods instead of just basically covering them up with artificial hormones which bring with them their own set of problems.

That is as far as I can speak of this issue without getting into medical advice.

Brenda V.


Is there an NFP only OB/GYN doctor in your area? I would make an effort to get an appointment with one, even if it is a drive. I don’t know why you’d jump right to the pill as a solution without even seeing a doctor. Plus as the previous poster stated, the pill is rumored to be a symptom reliever rather than a problem solver.


Find a Catholic hopsital in good standing with the local diocese. From what I understand, and I don’t profess to be an expert but this is just what I’ve been told… But I’ve been told that the “birth control pill” is a mixture of 2 hormones, and I’ve been told that a good Catholic hospital can perscribe the one, with out the other there by controlling the period with out the birth control “side effect”.

Like I said, I’m no expert so I’m really not in a good position to explain or confirm it. I would suggest talking to a Dr. at a good Catholic hospital and see what you find out. Be sure to post back with how that goes. God bless.


Ditto what the others have been saying…
See, “normal” periods are “normal” because there aren’t any underlying conditions… there may be a REASON she’s having these “abnormal” periods. It would be prudent to see a doctor to see if there are underlying issues. Sometimes that may require seeing a specialist (reproductive endocrinologist) or an NFP-only OB/GYN because oftentimes regular OB/GYN’s will just prescribe the pill without investigating further. The pill can be used (morally) to help with this condition, but it’s effectively just relieving the symptoms, not treating the underlying cause (if there one)… so it would be prudent to see a doctor to rule out those underlying issues (such as endometriosis, for example)…

Good luck!


Help your daughter find a real treatment, not something that will mask her symptoms and harm her body.


As a side note since everyone is always on here going on and on about the ‘terrible side effects,’ I just wanted to add that I know there -can- be side effects for the pill, but NOT ALWAYS.

I have been on it for the last year…on a low dosage. My experience? I lost 10 pounds, my acne (very very painful and huge on my chin kind of acne) has completely cleared up, my awful mood swings around my period are gone, my periods are very light and short, and the excruciating pain that would leave me on the couch during 6 days of my period popping pain meds like candy are no longer.

I have had -zero- bad side effects. At all. None. I had a friend that had bad bleeding on one pill, but was fine when her doctor switched her to another. The doctor usually gives you a month on it to see how your body reacts or doesn’t react, and then may try another kind or take you off completely.

I have several friends that have experience no side effects. If other underlying causes do not exist, she may just be like me and my friends and have rough periods. :shrug: My best friend used to cry her eyes out all day on the couch during high school during her period, curled in on herself in agony and skipping class for the week before she got on the pill. Her doctor said that physically she was healthy, and that her periods were just painful naturally. But they were crippling her for a week each month, worse than mine.

If she really wants to go on it she needs to do not only moral, religious research but also unbiased scientific research on it and exactly how it effects your body, as well as the different brands and types of pills. Plus it’s not cheap–mine is $50 per month and not covered by insurance.

I’m in college too, so that’s a rough amount of money to take out of my pocket each month. But $50 versus ugly painful acne + agonizing periods and mood swings? I’ll take the $50 bucks. But it’s not right for everyone. Knowledge will be your daughter’s best friend on this.

The pill sounds so scary especially on these boards, but I have not met anyone that tried it in real life and had such horrendous side effects (although I’m sure a dozen people on here will respond that they have). Again, if she’s serious she needs to read -everything- on it, and talk to her/a doctor.


What about the side effects that do not show up this week or this year - the fertility issues years down the road -

what about the damage to our enviornment? The fact that someone does not want babies or pimples means I and my son get to drink hormones - lovely.

For the poster taking 4 Midol - sounds as if they need to seek proper dosing and medication advice from the doctor.


There is no problem, in this case, of birth control side effects as the OP daughter is celibate.


You might want to buy this book or check it out of the library: Fertility, Cycles, & Nutrition: How Your Diet Affects Your Menstrual Cycles and Fertility by Marilyn Shannon. Especially if she’s a college student – I know I lived on TV dinners and canned foods in college and could stand better nutrition. :wink:


Not giving medical advice but…Midol for me was always worthless. I could take a whole bottle of Midol for pain ( not that I would or recommend that:eek:) and it would do *nothing. * Not everyone has good outcomes with every pain med. Anything with tylenol (acetaminophen ) is really not the best for cramps like that. How about getting some better more appropriate pain meds? Along with seeing the doc for a proper exam and history? A 4 day period is shorter than normal, and coupled with the intense pain there could be something else going on, or not. I’ts worth looking into.


I think you’re limiting your response to the abortifacient “side effects” of the pill… but there ARE others…

Also very good points!


*I took the pill for a while in my marriage…I took it for ‘‘medicinal purposes.’’

Nothing sinful if she would be taking it to help with the discomforts of her monthly cycle. That said, you exchange those monthly pains, for a different set of problems, when on the pill. ANY ABC will do that. From mood swings, to headaches, to just not feeling good (all month long pretty much)…I recommend she sees her doctor for a different (natural) path to helping her with her periods. It can prevent against certain cancers, but it may increase her chance of breast cancer. Granted, they have come a long way with reducing the amount of estrogen in these pills–it still is a synthetic method of playing with one’s hormones. I don’t enourage it at all! :nope:

God bless, and praying that she’ll get relief. :o*


“what about the damage to our enviornment? The fact that someone does not want babies or pimples means I and my son get to drink hormones - lovely.”

Um, I think hormones from the Pill are the least of your worries in terms of the environment.

Try reading up on what goes into your meat, processed foods, and even produce–I recommend watching Food, Inc. It’s an amazing documentary although it may make you never want to eat a thing again.

Plus there’s the chemical dumping that infiltrates our water sources (Love Canal anyone?).

We have a lot more issues in terms of hormones/chemicals.

Show me the statistics where hormones specifically from the Pill (from a scientific resource I may add) affects the environment significantly as much as everything I listed above.

And as for future side effects, you can state that with -any- medicine. I hate taking meds actually. Look up the scandal surrounding Halcion, for example. Pharmaceuticals are in it for the money, and tend to cover up adverse side effects. Its why I haven’t gotten the Gardasil vaccine. I trust pharmaceuticals as far as I can throw 'em. Plus the FDA is shady and has been known to accept bribes and such to pass a drug.

But, that’s the risk in taking any medication I suppose. Which is why I say do as much research as possible. Case studies, longitudinal studies, talking with one’s doctor, etc.


I am not on broadband, limited resources for research

Reference to U of PA study -


Yes I was, sorry I didn’t make that more clear in my previous post. I was specifically addressing that fact that since the OP daughter is celibate it’s licit for her use the pill in this case and there is no concern about possible conception.

I wasn’t addressing the other possible health side effects.


As far as pain goes, Midol never worked for my cramps so if they are not helping her either I think she should stop using them. I too had horrific cramps which would leave me helpless for days. I tried a bunchof different medications and the only thing that worked was Aleve. Tell her she should try it, not Advil or any other pain reliever, specifically Aleve. It was so great because I could resume my normal life. I hope this helps.


The pill has “side” effects of taking an at least somewhat working fertility system and making it stop working. That is an extremely bad side effect.

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