My daughter at a spiritual karma store

May I please have specific advice regarding my daughter. She’s 18, this is where she bought probably another stone or rock yesterday. . . .

She’s been moody and not pleasant to be around lately. She’s always painting psychedelic things around her room. Yesterday her father was giving her advice and she said “I don’t need a man to tell me what to do”. She apologized later because I unleashed an immediate verbal reprimand. I’m still upset at her saying that. I’m usually the velvet glove.

This is what I need help on please.
I know it’s “just a rock or stone” but on top of my just being sad that she’s into this, I don’t know if these owners try to put some dark magic in their stuff, I know God is greater but Ive heard several eerie stories of witches converting to Catholicism because apparently weird unholy things happen when you mess with this stuff for “healing” so my question is: (please note she doesn’t take advice well no matter how subtle or frank her father and I try to be)

Should I not worry too much and add a 54 day novena for her.? I know it’s always a good idea but I pray every single day for my kids already and I’m sorry if this comes off wrong, I don’t have energy to say a daily rosary but I would absolutely do it if you guys think I should in this case since I do believe we are in a spiritual battle and I want to protect her from anything that may harm her spiritually.

Please know I’m very sensitive on this topic and I know sometimes text comes off as harsher than was meant but I never intend to be ignorant about things so that’s why I come here because I worry about her. The other day she confided through tears that she wish she had friends. This is very unlike her. She has about 2 but that is a separate issue I’d like not to address in this thread if that’s ok unless you have an idea of how in this pandemic she can be social aside from the military and university. (Once I mentioned the military she said she won’t do it for the sole reason that the suggestion came from me, a parent - even though it was her idea months ago and this was just a reminder)

Thank you for any advice and for reading this.

This is very dangerous … I had a sister who got into this and it has absorbed her entirely … she has nothing to do with anyone who isn’t involved in this … please do your best to put an end to this … I’m sorry for the abrupt answer … but this is important and you need to stop it now. This lead my sister into witchcraft … and she’s become a terrible person.


Very sorry to hear about your sister. I don’t know what to do to stop a strong willed young adult who won’t listen.

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Tell her about my sister and how something that looked harmless turned her against God and her family.


Sounds like a typical teenager that is going through a lot of emotions and trying to find some help. Keep up the prayers and continue to ask her about her feelings.

She sounds like she is acting out because she is feeling down


Thank you for easing my anxiety levels. Two very different perspectives. I honestly feel nothing I say will penetrate, I have been teaching her about God since childhood in my own clumsy way through words and actions and now this. That’s why I feel I must pray “harder” because I want to grab her back from whatever negative spiritual situation she’s leeching on to and that’s why I brought up the rosary. If I did a 54 day novena now it would end on Christmas eve.

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Please add her to your prayers for anyone reading. That she somehow will come back to her faith in God and Jesus instead of these things and to heal her mind and heart. Thank you


Do not blame yourself. These crystals and such are super popular now. I do believe it is normal for a rebellious stage and then coming back to God when getting out of it.

The novena would not hurt. The Rosary is very powerful in answering prayers. I saw you say you don’t have the energy which I totally understand. You can always say the Rosary while doing the dishes, driving, etc.

I will pray for your daughter as well.


Thank you very much.

At her age, even a bit younger, it is very normal to question the faith and religion of your childhood. Remember, she must develop her own relationship with God and his church.

It is important that you make your home and your family a safe place to ask the big questions. A safe place to seek the answers for herself.

To assign power to a rock is superstition. The rock does, however, give praise to the glory of the Creator.


Thank you, if she would be even open to conversation about faith that would be a start but she’s not because “she knows everything”.

That is okay. Just love her and let her know you are proud of her.


Thanks but I’m not proud of her she’s does the bare minimum at school and home and is grumpy and confrontational. I love her and worry about her and that’s what I told her yesterday.

There must be something good about her. Focus on that.

Love her, support her as a person ( not her bad choices) and never stop praying for her.

:pray: :prayer_beads:


Martha, my feeling is that she is sad and unhappy and she went to that store in a misguided attempt to find some kind of help.

It is a difficult time for everyone, but especially those that are feeling lonely.

I would certainly keep an eye on her activities and encourage her to get her plans ready for when she finishes school. You and your husband need to make her aware of what is acceptable to you and what is not. College or military fine, sitting around the house and doing nothing is not. Let her know you will do everything you can to help her succeed, and she needs only to ask for help.

Try and communicate it all in a positive fashion.

You might offer that she could go talk to someone if she thinks it will help her get on track. (Of course, you and your husband should only send her to someone that shares your values.)


Very helpful and thoughtful, thank you for your encouraging response.

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She just said she bought incense sticks …now I have to look up if it’s a fire hazard because she sleeps upstairs near the baby.

Martha, it’s your home. If you and your husband don’t want it in your home, tell her no. She doesn’t get to do whatever she wants.


About right, I never had time to be a typical teenager for personal reasons but it reminds me of the kids around me at that age.

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