My daughter does not believe In God


My daughter was sexually abused when she was a child by one of our close relatives … I have so much anger and guilt for not knowing it was going on … now I feel she has so much anger and doubt in God because of it … she is now a junior in high school … she walks around always in a funk … always depressed… and it hurts me that I do everything to help her but doesn’t help her … I know God will help and answer all her prayers and help her to love again :::: is there anything I cando and say besides counseling ( already took her for 2 years ) that can help her trust and love God again … I just want her to do God’s will and that’s to love but she is so sad all the time :…


I am really sad for your daughter and you.

Don’t know if you can make her believe. Because it is very personal.

A counseling can make her feel better, but in no way make her believe again. And it’s not the goal of a counseling.

I hope somebody here can show you better support and some ideas.


Try telling her of Aquinas’s 5 proofs for God.


You can pray for her. My priest said that you can always do that for someone, even if nothing else.


We know the awesomeness of God and we want it for our children. Children who reject God or who are even just lukewarm cause anxiety. My son is 12 and has high functioning autism. He struggles a lot with faith. He believes in God but he doesn’t…but he does, but…and so it goes.

Pray to St. Monica. Offer up your sufferings for her peace. Encourage her to continue counseling. Consider medication (true depression is rarely “cured” with counseling alone). Talk with God about your fears and listen to Him when He tells you of His love for you and her and how He will never leave her. He loves her and knows her heart and her fears even more than you do.

I pray for peace for you, as well.


You mention that she’s had counselling for two years but have you discussed things with a priest? He may know of a Catholic resource which may help with this.

God knows all of our troubles, perhaps she could be gently persuaded to simply say a heartfelt prayer to God each day with an open mind.

God bless both of you.


I am so sorry for your daughter, for you, for all who are hurting because of this evil act. Know you will be in my prayers, and that I just now prayed for you and her.

The “Problem of Evil” or why bad things happen is an age old question. There are two things I’d suggest.

One that you can do today, there are some excellent articles over at:

This is a respected source, Catholic Answers’ own Trent Horn is one of bloggers as is the well respected Dr Peter Kreeft.

Another is a book by Fr Groeschel called “Tears of God”


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