My daughter had a 'Divine' intervention


So yesterday I was in the kitchen, cooking dinner…and my 5 year old daughter was sitting at the table water-painting. I asked her to please gather up her things and clean the table, dinner was almost ready. She’s 5 mind you, and sometimes she gets into fits where she’s mouthy…

This was the case last night. She started whining, ‘But I dont waaaant to’ and flopping around in the chair, tossing papers onto the floor. I’m sure you can imagine. I just firmly repeated myself, ‘Pick up your mess, you wanted to paint, now you have to put the painting things away’…

Then she started getting really ugly…‘I HATE you mom’

I stopped what I was doing and gave her the ‘look’ and said calmly and compassionately, ‘you know baby, that is a very mean thing to say to your mommy…your mommy loves you the most out of everyone on this WHOLE world, and it hurts God’s feelings when you talk to me like that’

Still fidgety and resistant she shouted ‘I dont CARE! I HATE you’

Just at that moment, due to her fidgety-ness I guess, her arm gave way from underneath the side of her, and she flopped over the side of the chair, landing flat on her backside- apparently hurting her tailbone…She grabbed at her behind and had a pained look on her face, not enough to make her cry, but I could tell it hurt…

Promptly I told her ‘See!!! you talk like that and God will deliver a swift kick to your butt’

needless to say she got some act right real quick…

lol…it was PERFECT…thank you lord jesus for helping the single mothers out there :slight_smile:


I’m not sure that was really the best thing to say, to be honest. “If you sin, God will hurt you until you are too scared to sin again”.


Um…thats not what I said at all…In fact that never crossed my mind. It was more the thought that there was someone else (God) who was always watching over her, and it is true, that God wants you to respect your parents, so I wasnt incorrect in involving him in the process…

I, personally, do feel that she should always have him in mind…and consider what he would think/feel regarding her actions…


I hope that your baby will get better…poor baby. Well, maybe she learns something from this…but She’s only 5 and she knows “I don’t care…I hate you”? I think you might want to think about where she had got this attitude or words from. Her older brother? sister?


As the mother of a daughter who was very headstrong like your daughter, I think it was perfectly fine to say that. She is 5, not 25. As she continues to grow and learn, the mercy of God is interwoven in messages but at that age, there is no harm in her thinking that God would send her sign to show her that it’s not ok to disrespect her Mom. Thank the Lord for lessons learned.


Is that God’s version of a spanking? :smiley:


Even if kids don’t know what they say (not to mention adults do this all the time) Are there more kids nowaday at young age saying thing like that? I don’t really know.


Not normally but there are those kids…I had one who wouldn’t dare, and one that would dig her heels in so much that yes, she would say that to me once or twice a year. Not sure how often the OP’s child says such things. Once is enough to just rip your heart out. My mother used to tell me that the things that were the most difficult about raising my headstrong daughter would be the traits that I would admire in her as a grown woman. So far she is right.


Oh she got it from school or TV no doubt…I’ve really started to notice how much attitude these young girls have on TV nowadays and its crazy…and she wants to be each of them, Hannah Montana etc… I’ve been cutting back and censoring what she watches now…but even then, going to a public school??? Shes in kindergarten and I’ve already had to deal with her and a boy ‘kissing’ in the closet in the back of the class…he later told myself and the teacher that ‘he sees mommy doing it with her boyfriends’ notice the ‘s’…theres really no chance for kids these days…at least not in big cities…

all I can do is try though…my friends say whats the point, and I’m sheltering her, and…shes gonna go thru it anyways, but I feel as a parent, thats my JOB…to protect her innocence…


Lighten up just a little bit there Bluegoat.

In my most humble opinion I do believe it would do all of us a whole lot of good if we were to fear the Lord a lot more and sin a lot less. There is no fear of God left in this world. Our children are heading straight to Hell. Everything is just Okay and it seems as if nobody is willing to stand up and call anybody out on anything.

I know that I am so far from perfect I cannot even begin to see it from where I stand, but I understand that there is right and wrong and that there is a difference between the two. That is a lesson that we seem to not understand anymore and it seems as if nobody really gives too much of a damn about it.

Abortion is not a choice - it is murder!
Homosexual life style is purely evil!
Co-habitation before marriage is simply wrong!
Single motherhood is reaching epidemic status and all we hear about is swine flu!

As a nation we are headed quickly down the hole, our moral are in the toilet! Maybe God kicking us all in the butt a little bit is exactly what we all need.

May the Good Lord Bless You.



It’s always tough to be parents. Going through this forum, it really helps me appreciate the effort of my parents raising me especially my mother. To all mothers here, God bless you!


:clapping::rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: Thanks for the GOOD laugh today!!


I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what you said.

As far as learning to say “I hate you”, I don’t know if one needs to hear that from anyone. It’s rather easy for kids to come up with that one on their own. I have one that says it. I think he’s trying to get a rise out of me. Funny how it hasn’t worked but he still tries it from time to time. My response - “Well, I love you.”


Remember, she is at that age when kids start to realize the shock value of what they are saying. She probably realizes that saying “I hate you” really cuts to the bone and will hurt you. I think the whole situation is a great learning opportunity for her - don’t let it end there thought, keep up the dialog on why a mother and child can never “hate” one another. Remind her of the love of Jesus and Mary.


And that IS your job. You’ve got your hands full I’m sure as a single parent, but it sounds like you are doing well. I really encourage you to keep a check on the TV watching–and the radio stations too! I’m sure you are tired after work, but if at all possible, start a tradition of reading to her in the evening. A chapter of a good children’s book, a bit of the Bible or a Saint story, and then prayers. She’ll love the snuggle time and you’ll be giving her so many more good examples than what is on TV now.


Lesson learned. I hope she didn’t hurt herself too badly, though! :o


Hi Charlotte, that’s kind of funny because it happens to my kids once in a while and they remember what happened to them for mouthing off, like 2 nights ago, my 6 year old didn’t want to listen to putting his things away and that it was bed time so no more video games, well he’s here jumping up and down and throwing a tantrum and yelling, well in one of those he kept jumping around barefoot…I am here holding my breath and trying not to lose patience, until he’s finished his rantings, when he continues jumping and lands on one of his toys, it’s a little lego piece, oh yeah…It was perfect when I told him “see what happens when you don’t pick up your mess you end up getting hurt…!” After a few minutes of crying in real pain, now, he picks his things up and then apologizes for throwing the tantrum! LOL

Kids, what are you going to do…

Like today my daughter (11) was helping my bf bring me lunch, well she didn’t want the responsibility, and was telling him off on the way to drop off my lunch, during one of the turns some of the food landed and messed her shirt up…She was crying by the time she got to me and was not happy about being dirty…I told her that there was no need to throw tantrums just because she doesn’t like a responsibility…It was kind of interesting…

When I was little and I would throw a tantrum my mother would always say “keep going and GOD is going to punish you!” And as wrong as it seems to say it, it’s probably true, lol and whenever I would get hurt it probably was God giving me a taste of what I deserved! lol :wink: Of course I am sure he would hug me up and make me feel better right after! :smiley:


I have to say I agree. My mother who was Methodist often said see "God is punishing you " after a mishap. It took me a long time to undo those words.


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